I feel myself as a lucky person to get the opportunity to study at Daffodil International University which helped me to understand different cultures, attitudes, behaviors and patterns of life style. I am a proud alumnus of DIU.

I completed my Bachelor degree from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of “Daffodil International University”. After successfully completing my degree from DIU, I returned back to my beloved motherland at GOMBE in NIGERIA. With my creative mind and the capability to adapt myself with different situations of life with patience, which I learnt during my study period at daffodil International University, I became a successful Politician in my State. Now, I have been elected as a Member of House of Assembly, Funakaye North, Gombe State, Nigeria.

I am grateful to DIU and wish its success in the days to come.



Member of House of Assembly, Funakaye North
Gombe State, Nigeria