Information Science and Library Management

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Food and Beverage Practical Presentation

23 May 2024

12:00 AM

Room No. AB 402

AB Building, DIU Smart City Campus

Contact Person

Md. Saiful Islam, Covener, DIU CPC

Contact: 01810 000 000

On May 23, 2024, our Food and Beverage Service course had an incredibly insightful practical presentation led by our fantastic Course Teacher, Nurul Afchar. From mastering table settings to perfecting  drink-serving techniques, students gained hands-on experience that’s crucial for their future in the hospitality industry. Huge thanks to Nurul Afchar Sir for making this learning experience both informative and enjoyable!

Recent Events

5 Feb 2023

Library Day-2023

Library Day is a celebration dedicated to the importance of libraries and the services they provide to communities. It serves as a reminder of the value of knowledge, literacy, and learning. The library organization organizes various activities, such as book exhibitions, author talks, storytelling sessions, and workshops, to engage readers of all ages. The aim is to encourage people to explore new subjects, embrace lifelong learning, and cherish the treasures found within the walls of libraries, fostering a literate and enlightened society. Dr. Kazi Mostak Gausul Hoq (Professor), Department of Information Science and Library Management, Dhaka University, was our keynote speaker at the program.