Get in the Ring Bangladesh – The Olympic for Start-ups
National Final Dhaka 2015


Daffodil International University (DIU) announced on October 29, 2015 that it would host the Bangladesh National Final of Get in the Ring (entrepreneurs’ battle)in Dhaka, on 17 January 2016. In the past years, Get in the Ring has grown from a local pitching event to a global startup competition, with 64 participating countries. This year in 2015, the 4th editionwe saw finals taken place in 80 countries.Get in the Ring offers promising startups a podium to create fans all over the world. This podium exists of a global competition, and an online platform through which fans from all over the world can connect with these startups. The uniqueness of this concept lies in the features of the podium which are personal, understandable, fun, engaging, and competitive.

Get in the Ring is known for its unique pitching format. At Get in the Ring two startups literally face off against each other in the ring. During five brief rounds they present their startup to a jury of Champions and a global audience of potential fans. If you have a business with unique features and just growing or if you are an owner of a fresh startup idea then get ready to pitch in front of the world.

Since the inception, DIU is maintaining the commitment and it creates inspiration to the students and this is the key of the continuous enhancement of the number of students. In regard to the commitments to provide global standard facilities Daffodil International University has already built its beautiful-green permanent campus in a land of 80+ acres along the with main campuses in the city consisting 7 Daffodil towers. Students are enjoying quality residential facilities in both permanent and city campuses. In regard to the gradual improvement of the facilities a new international standard hostel for the students is being constructed with an accommodation facility for additional 6000 students in permanent campus.

This time, to enhance the strength of quality services the university have brought an international platform for startups “Get in the Ring Global”. We aim to find, select, train, groom, facilitate, and fund the dormant but innovative start-ups initiated by the youth of Bangladesh from every corner of the nation through this international format reality competition.

DIU often declares that we are producing graduates who are becoming employers instead of employees who won’t seek for the jobs rather than will provide jobs by becoming the real entrepreneur. To sustain and to earn this objective DIU inaugurated the Department of Entrepreneurship for the first time in the history of Bangladesh. We also initiated the entrepreneurs’ lab “Startup Market” for the students to run a small business during their graduation to obtain a practical knowledge. We actively participated as a partner of a DCCI initiated project “2000 Entrepreneurs”. Daffodil International University encourages its students to innovate through a Center for Innovation while they are graduating and as a result a number of nationally & internationally recognized innovation like Solar Car, Drone, Halicam, Problem solving Softwares, Aero-design Robotics, mobile apps have been innovated by the meritorious students of DIU. All these are unique, active and passionate initiatives of DIU to flourish the economic growth of Bangladesh by inspiring the youth of the country –the ultimate demographic dividend. If we can make this 71% plus young population entrepreneur, the economic outlook of the country will be developed & sustainable.


Since it is a format global competition and all rights reserved, thus to connect with GITR, Daffodil applied for the license to host the final in Bangladesh. Now, Daffodil International University is the exclusive licensee of Get in the Ring to organize in Bangladesh.


On 29th October 2015 DIU with its partners announced that it would hold National Final on 17 January 2016.

Pre-event Selection Round

We shortlisted the applications came across the country and we called them for a pre-event selection round. After a detail interview of each shortlisted start-up we got 19 start-ups on day 1 of the selection round.

Top 12

In the second day of pre-event selection round we divided 19 statr-ups in four groups and each group had one judge. The jury discussed very closely with each start-up and start-ups were listening to others. Finally the each of the four jury selected 2 start-ups from their own group and start-ups also voted for their favorite one except themselves. We got 12 promising start-ups for the grooming sessions.