Advice for Erasmus+ Scholars

DIU formalities-

 -Taking a recommendation letter from Department and university attested;

-Take a recent transcript before applying for VISA;

-Apply for freezing the next semester.

Visa Preparation and Apply formalities-

-Prepare a Cover letter.

-Have a bank statement of first blood with an amount of 3-5 lacs in that account;

-Board attested SSC, HSC/ A level, O level certificates and transcripts for specific boards. It takes almost 7-10 days, so after getting the scholarship, do it soon.  Any of the family members can do it, you don’t need to travel for that. It takes not more than 2000-3000 taka if you are smart enough;

- Need a colored scan copy of NID(if you don’t have it, take a Birth Certificate), Student Card, Passport. (If there is any mistake in these papers, need to affidavit them on a 100 taka stamp with notary);

  Notifications to Host University-

-Inform them you got the Visa

-Inform the traveling date;

-They will tie you with a host and give you his/her whats app number;

-After arriving, contact them that you reached. They will come to receive you at the bus stop/ airport if it’s in the city. Make sure your flight is to the nearest airport to your university.

Arrival and Travel Guidance to Europe-

-Take each and every document soft and hard copy with you.

-Make sure you have 6 copies of passport size pictures with you;

-Text your host that you are arriving tomorrow at what time;

-Make sure you reach at day time;

-At the airport, in immigration, show your acceptance letter, invitation letter, transcript and passport. If they ask anything, be confident enough that you are going for study purposes. Take Passport Air ticket Invitation and other important letters Endorsement papers, Copy of all related documents in a file, Boarding pass, Proper Winter clothes like jacket, shoe etc (Check the local weather before departure), DIU ID Card, Currency (Host Country);

-Take basic things with you, other things like pillow, blanket, bed sheets you will get from your dorm;

-Take a mid-warm jacket in your hand luggage so that after arriving that can help you;

-Don’t buy any big jacket from BD, Take money within you and buy it from your respective cities acc. to the temperature. *Buy it from the local market;

-Take some Turkish currency for emergencies;

- Don’t buy Sim card from the airport. Buy it from outside. You need a passport or residency card for buying this. In the airport, connect to the wifi, and text or call your host so that they can find you easily;

- Make sure you have installed google translator and made it offline, you might need it at the airport as the local host might not know English. 90% possibility;

-A multi plug is a must, because electronics are a bit expensive and the points are different from BD.


Housing, Food and Local Matters-

-The university will tie you with a dorm, you need to pay an amount there. With that amount they will provide breakfast, dinner, internet, cleaning services, and other basic things;

-Make sure you get a public dorm, otherwise the amount will not be enough for the time being. DIU can help with this;

-For lunch, don’t spend lavishly, save and travel;

 Study Guideline and Course choices-

-Don’t be worried about courses. You can change it after arriving turkey. They will tie you with teachers who really know English. Select those courses that you can transfer credit;

 - Take a pen drive with you;

 Local Insurance, Bank Account, Protocol Update and Scholarship Amount receive-

-The university authority will help you acquire this. For health insurance, residency permit, it takes different amount.

-After getting all these, they will help you create a student information system on the University website. You will get a student card;

-Opening an account, getting a visa card and getting the money takes almost 1 month. Make sure you have enough money for that one month. 10,000 BDT at least;

-.  Don’t spend a lot right after getting the scholarship money, make an expenditure plan for 5 months and then spend it;

 Things to do before departure from The Trip-

-Take your certificate form host university;

-Meet your professors before leaving;

-Take clearance from your dormitory;

-Check the weight of your luggage;

-After getting the rest of the scholarship money, make sure you bring it out of your card;

-Make sure you reach before at least two/three hours as it’s a bit hassling process but enough organized so 3 hours is enough;

-Make sure you complete your next semester registration at DIU with the help of a friend as you might come a few days after. No need to drop a semester as it will be just a waste of 4 months.

Things to do after arriving in Host Country-

-Meet your department and respective international affairs;

-Apply for credit transfer;

-Continue the classes as soon as possible.

 (Maintain your regular communication with international affairs of DIU and your advisor from the department at DIU and Host University. Not only when you need it, it’s the basic etiquette.)

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