Policy for International Visiting Faculty Member


Daffodil International University welcomes the Adjunct Faculty who will boost up the intellectual life of Daffodil International University. Individuals who have the academic title will be appointed with this title in addition to their adjunct designation. This will be an honorary position and usually carries no remuneration or other teaching duties. The university will provide the local hospitality for the Visiting/Adjunct faculty members including accommodation, food and local transportation. The appointment is made by Vice-Chancellor/Registrar of the university.

Purpose and Scope:
This special position will allow the University to benefit temporarily from the expertise or special skills of individuals (typically faculty at other institutions) who wish to spend his vacation/ take a leave or other break from their home institution or other employers, or who may be retired or have no current employer.

Definition of Adjunct or Visiting Faculty:
Academic Staff having titles preceded with the designation of "Visiting" are such as:
-visiting Instructor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Professor.
-academic Staff having the title “Lecturer”.
Terms of Employment for faculty having a qualified academic rank.

  • Faculty members with qualified academic rank will provide academic services (instruction, scholarship and/or outreach) to the institution.
  • Faculty members with qualified academic rank will be compensated for their services.
  • Faculty members with qualified academic rank may be part-time or full-time, but they are not eligible for Continuing Appointment (Tenure). They receive temporary appointments for a period up to a year or term appointments for periods up to three years.

Mechanism of Appointment

  • The appointment of the Visiting faculty (full or part-time, paid or unpaid) are fixed-term appointments for at least one full academic semester and are usually renewable for an additional academic year subject to his/her performance or contribution. Any kind of exception issue must be taken prior to approval through the relevant faculty.
  • If the duration of the time has to be extended it has to be done before expire of the tenure and report to the authority.
  • The visiting Faculty position is different from regular university requirements and follows a different procedure.
  • The appointment/reappointments of Adjunct and will be recommended by a Department to the Dean office. As per the approval of the Dean office, the recommendation will then go in sequence to the VC office for approval.
  • Upon approval by the Vice-Chancellor, a letter of appointment will be sent identifying the term of the appointment (normally up to five years) from the office of the Registrar.
  • Adjunct appointments can be terminated at any time at the request of either party

Standard of Rank: The qualifications for appointment in the Adjunct Faculty/Visiting Faculty/Instructor/Lecturer are the same as those for the above position.


  • Approval: In case of we get EOI/or search for personnel in this category with qualified academic rank,  the international office and the relevant department will forward the application to the Dean Office for a recommendation and approval by the VC/Registrar Office.
  • ii. The Academic head of the relevant department will be responsible for identifying competent individuals for the position.

Policy & Procedures:

  • The academic head is responsible for meeting all the legal procedures of hiring practices. The Unit head will discuss with faculty members and relevant personnel regarding this recruitment and objective for hiring so that outcomes can be ensured and measured and all support can be ensured.
  • Approval of the employment will be granted by the Registrar/VC Office with the recommendation of the heads. The application of the applicant must be forwarded with the Scan copy of passport, Curriculum Vitae, other necessary supporting documents to support the service needs.
  • The terms and conditions of the visiting appointment will be detailed in an appointment letter.
  • If a visiting position is to be extended to a foreign national who needs an H1N, TN, or O employment-based visa, the hiring authority must confer with the Office of the General Counsel at the outset of the hiring process and at least 3 months prior to the start date.
  • Additional time may be needed for visa processing. Any prospective employee in need of work authorization cannot begin employment until the work authorization is approved.

The task/responsibility, employment condition/benefits/facilities will be determined during the time of communication and department head will set it. Any changes in the agreement have to be ensured by the department.

A person will be assigned from the respective department to ensure and check all the services.


  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Local Hospitality
  • Access to Internet/Library/Startup Restaurant/Sports Zone/Gymnasium

Medical Insurance:

'Medical Insurance'/'Medical Coverage' is not provided to the visiting adjunct faculty memberduring the period of his/her visit at DIU. They should arrange/manage it from their home country.

Legal Obligation:

DIU will not be liable/responsible for committing any types of illegal and immoral activities anymore but the concerned visiting adjunct faculty memberswill be liable personally for doing so. At that time legal action/administrative action can be taken against him/her.