We have students coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities as well. We always arrange Innovative and Informative seminers for our students which is releted with 4th Industrial Revelution. 


We are offering 16 Hands-on Training and workshop to our students based on the latest modern technologies and tools such as Educational Robotics, Embedded System, Internet of Things (IoT), Laser Printing, CNC Milling, 3D printing and Mobile Technologies using augmented reality (AR) applications.


We offer affordable tuition fees for students with the option to pay them in multiple installments to create convenience for students.


We make sure all our students get the help they need to complete the degree. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to develop the skills required for 21st-century employment.

FabLab DIU

To ensure learners’ engagement in corporate workflows from concept, design, prototyping, fabrication and marketing, DIU has set up a Multi-Disciplinary Fabrication Laboratory in 2020 to provide a clear idea of product creation through the application of "learning-by-doing" and "hands-on" activities. Moreover, the DIU FabLab aims to develop and implement a set of training programs with some modules, based on the latest modern technologies.

Recent Events

FabLab DIU always try to arrange innovative Event for students.

4 Jul 2021

In this Day long Basic Training and Workshop Engr. Faruk Hannan discusses Additive Manufacturing in FabLab DIU and trains the students about 3D Design and printing.

21 Aug 2022

In this seminar Md. Shamsuzzaman Miah, Scientific Technical Officer, FabLab, DIU discusses the overview of FabLab and the Facilities of FabLab.

28 Aug 2022

In this seminar Eng. Golam Rabbany, Lecturer, CSE discusses Future Scopes of the FabLab.

4 Sep 2022

In this Training and Workshop Mr. Kazi Jahid Hasan, Lecturer, MCT discusses Industrial Design and Innovation Technology.

11 Sep 2022

In this workshop Mr. Asif Hassan, Lecturer, EEE trains the students about PCB Design and Print.

18 Sep 2022

In this training session Mr. Shafiul Islam, Lecturer, Department of Architecture trained the students about Product Design.

Lab Facilities

FabLab is a community-oriented space and digital fabrication workshop that provide access to advanced manufacturing tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines to support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 

Basic Training and Workshop on Additive Manufacturing in FabLab DIU.

Head phone prototyping by 3D

Robotics hand Design 

Our Committee

To ensure the lab activities we have constituted a committee with faculty members, administrative officers and students in two sections one is management committee and another is operational committee.

committee member

Dr. S. M. Aminul Haque


Associate Professor and Associate Head Department of Computer Science and Engineering

committee member

Engineer Golam Rabbany

Lab in-charge

Lecturer Department of Computer Science and Engineering

committee member

Md. Shamsuzzaman Miah

Lab Officer

Technical Officer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

committee member

Mr. Kazi Jahid Hasan

Advisor (Graphics Design)

Lecturer Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)

committee member

Mr. Md. Shafiul Islam

Advisor (Digital Marketing)

Lecturer Department of Architecture

committee member

Mr. Galib Nur Anan


Lecturer Department of Architecture

committee member

Engr. Md. Imran Hasan Bappy


Lecturer Department of Civil Engineering

committee member

Ms Sutapa Debnath


Senior Lecturer Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Our Partners

We have some supporting and media partners.