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 MCT  overlap-exam-mid-term-(spring-2017)-

Notice on Overlap Exam Mid-Term (Spring-2017)


Daffodil International University

Faculty of Science & Information Technology (FSIT)

Department of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT)


Date: February 28, 2017


Mid-Term (Spring-2017) Overlap Exam Notice


Students of Dept. of MCT are hereby notified that the Mid-term Overlap Examination of Spring 2017 will be held at the time of Mid-term improvement, spring 2017.


All students are advised to submit application in the given format (Within 07-03-2017) to the Exam committee (Mr Md Samaun Hasan Sir) with the signature of their both course teacher, which are overlapped each other.


No student will be allowed for sitting without application. Their answer script will be rejected by the Exam committee member.


Note: See the attached file of Application Format



Md Samaun Hasan

Member, Exam committee

Faculty of SIT & Dept. of MCT

Daffodil International University