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 SWE  notice-for-project/thesis-form-collection--spring-2017

Notice for project/thesis form collection- Spring 2017


Daffodil International University

Department of Software Engineering (SWE)

Version: 1

Office of the Chairman of Project/Thesis Committee

March 20, 2017




This is to notify that students who have registered the course SWE-431: Project/Thesis are asked to submit their Project/Thesis proposal by 30.03.17. In order to submit the Project/Thesis proposal, students are asked to collect respective form the office of the Chairman of Project/Thesis Committee.





Ms. Rubaida Easmin                                                               Dr. Md. Asraf Ali

Lecturer &                                                                               Associate Professor &

Member, Project/Thesis Committee                                        Chairman, Project/Thesis Committee Department of Software Engineering                                             Department of Software Engineering