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 MCT  mid-(improvement/overlap/make-up)-exam-schedule-spring-2017

Mid (Improvement/Overlap/Make up) Exam Schedule Spring-2017


Daffodil International University

Department of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT)

Mid (Improvement/Overlap/Make up) Exam Schedule Spring-2017


Date & Time

Subject (s)



MCT233:Video Production

MTC135:Film Studies &Appreciation



BUS201:Business Communication

MTC231:Multimedia Programming



MTC213:Media Ethics & Law



MTC221:3D Design and Modeling



GED201:Bangladesh Studies



MTC213:Media Ethics & Law



MCT123:Introduction to Creative Arts



MCT111:Graphic Design



MCT311:Audio and Video Streaming and Editing



MCT223:Mathematics-ii Coordinate Geometry



MTC135:Film Studies &Appreciation 2 5



MCT333: Compression Technique



MCT211:2D Animation




(2 .30-04.00)pm



CIS112:Mathematics-1Fundamentals of Mathematics


MKT421:Consumer Behavior


MTC136: Computer Networks & Internet





Md. Samaun Hasan

Member Exam Committee, FSIT

Department of MCT