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 EEE  notice-for-last-semester-students--on-thesis/project/field-study

NOTICE for Last Semester Students on Thesis/Project/Field Study



Date: 8th August 2017


Thesis/Project/Field Study

Department of EEE 



All students of L4T1, L4T2 and L4T3 of day program and L3T2, L3T3 and L4T1 of evening program are directed to communicate immediately with their thesis/project/field study supervisor/co-supervisors. Your weekly attendance with your supervisors/co-supervisors will be considered seriously during your pre-defense and final defense and you must have to finish your work within your last semester. Students, who have already completed their course work, are also directed to complete their thesis/project/field study within next 1 month. 




Dara Abdus Satter

Associate Head