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Schedule for MBA Program – Semester: Fall- 2017 Version: 2



Daffodil International University

                                                    Class Schedule for MBA Program – Semester: Fall- 2017                                Version: 2

Effective from September 13, 2017


Time: 6: 00 pm. – 9:00 pm.





R # 603–*MNI-ACT 502 Audit and Assurance Service

R # 605*DFAS-BUS 404 Research Methods in Business and Management (Section-Executive/A)

R # 604–*MSS-BUS 402 Business Communication (Section-A)

R # 607-*MRA-MKT-507 Strategic Marketing

R # 609-*RI-FIN 502 Financial Institutions and Capital Market

R # 706–*MA-MAT 402 Quantitative Methods and Techniques in Business (Section-B)


Make up Day



R # 604-*MMH--HRM 504 Performance Appraisal and Management  

R # 607-*MI-MGT 402 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development

R # 605*HMEH-FIN-507 Corporate Governance and Restricting

R # 609*SH-ACT 513 Cost and Management Audit

R # 603*SFA-FIN-401 Fundamentals of Finance




R # 605*MRI-FIN-512 Risk Management and Financial Institutions

R # 604-*SMR-ECO 401 Economics for Managers (Section-A)

R # 609*DMR-MKT-503 Global Marketing

R # 607*SM-FIN 501 Financial Management

R # 707-*DSI-HRM 401 Human Resource Management

R # 603-*DAR-MGT 401 Fundamentals of Management



R # 605*AA-BUS 404 Research Methods in Business and Management (Section-B)

R # 604*DMK-RES 402 Real Estate Finance

R # 609-*DMR-MKT 502 Consumer Behavior 

R # 607*ARMM--BUS 402 Business Communication (Section-C)



R # 605- *SMRB-MKT 501 Marketing Management

R # 707-*MRBR-HRM 502 Comparative Human Resource Management

R # 604-*DBC-MGT 501 Strategic Management (Section-A)




1st Slot

 Time : 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

R # 604*MSS-BUS 402 Business Communication (Section-Executive/B)

R # 605-*MAHK-BAN 505 Bank Fund Management

R # 609*MUC-FIN-506 International Financial Management

R # 606-*ARMM-MKT 505 Service Marketing

R # 607-*AH-ACT 508 Accounting Information System





2nd Slot

 Time : 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

R # 601-*SM-TAM 512 Finishing and Washing with Lab

R # 602–*MAH-ACT 501 Financial Reporting

R # 605*MRI-FIN-503 Corporate Finance

R # 707-*SAR-HRM 511 Ethics and Corporate Governance  

R # 609-*RRP-ECO 401 Economics for Managers (Section-B)

R # 607-*BHRM-Advanced Certificate Course in HRM

R # 606-*DSI-MGT 501 Strategic Management (Section-C/Executive)





3rd Slot

Time : 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

R # 601-*AG-TAM 513 Textile Testing and Quality Control with Lab

R # 707*GCD-HRM 506 Organizational Development

R # 605-*MI-MKT 401 Principles of Marketing

R # 609-*AKS-ACT 513 Financial Statement Analysis

R # 706*MP-MAT 402 Quantitative Methods and Techniques in Business (Section-A)

R # 604-*DBC-MGT 501 Strategic Management (Section-B)


                                                *RI: Professor Rafiqul Islam,*DFAS: Prof. Dr. Farid A. Sobhani,*DBC: Prof. Dr. Durgadas Bhattacherjee *DSI: Prof. Dr. Sirajul Islam,*MRI: Prof: Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam,*DMR: Prof. Dr. Masudur Rahman              * SM: Prof. M. Shahjahan Mina, *DMK: Prof. Dr. Mostafa Kamal,*MUC: Prof.  Dr.A. A. Mahboobuddin Chowdhury,  *MMH-2:Mr. Md. Musharrof Hossain, *DAT: Dr. Ataur Rahman, *SH: Md. Sarwar Hossain

                     *MAH: Mr. Md. Afzal Hossain, *MA: Mr. Md. Moktar Ali,  *MI: Mr. Mohammed Masum Iqbal, *MAHK: Mr. Md. Ahteshamul Haque Khan,  *SMR: Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, *MP: Mr. Mahbub Parvez

               *SMRB: Mr. Syed Maruf Reza Bayron,*SAR: Mr. Sheikh Abdur Rahim  *MRBR: Dr. Mohammad Rabiul Basher Rubel,*MSS: Md. Shibli Shahriar,*ARMM: Dr. Abu Reza M. Muzareba,,AKS: Dr. Anup Kumar Saha,

                 *HAEH: Mr. Hossain Ahmed Md. Enamul Huda, *GCD: Mr. Gouranga Chandra Debnath,  *SM: Mr. Sumon Majumder  *MRA: Mohammad Ruhul Amin.*AG: Mr. Asit Ghosh, * *RRP: Mr. Rup Ratan Pine  * AH: Mr. Md. Arif Hassan







                           Professor Dr. Masudur Rahman                                                           Professor Rafiqul Islam

                           Advisor, MBA Program                                                                             Dean

                           Faculty of Business & Economics                                                               Faculty of Business & Economics