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 CSE  final-defense-summer-2018-schedule-and-instructions

Final Defense Summer 2018 Schedule and Instructions

Dear Students,
Please find the attached Schedule, Instructions and Notice for your Final Defense of Summer 2018. Find the attachments containing Schedule (Date, Time & Place) and Instructions.
Remember: If anyone is found absent during presentation, he/she won't be deferred to the next semester.
Note:  READ it Carefully!
1. You must submit the hard copy (spiral) of your completed report to your respective Supervisor with plagiarism report from Library (As instructed in the pre-defence).
2. During Final Defense, you have to come with that copy of the report (commented and signed by Supervisor) and present your work. You have to bring the pre-defence report copy also.
3. Must be well dressed and very formal.
4. Every team member has to participate in the presentation. You will get maximum 7 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for the question/answer. 
5. Must use English as an official language.
For more instructions and guidelines, see the attachments and for related downloads go to 
Best of luck.