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Guidelines to be followed by the students on the Occasion of 17th Foundation Anniversary 2019



Guidelines to be followed by the students on the Occasion of 17th Foundation Anniversary 2019


Students are requested to report in the Manik Mia Avenue tomorrow (Saturday) at sharp 6:30 am on 28 January 2019. All buses will depart Manik Mia Avenue during 6:45 am to 7:00 am. It has been observed that students wait for their friends, which makes an unnecessary delay to start our journey. No transport will be available after 7:00 am. Thus students are advised to get into the buses during  6:45 am to 7:00 am  without waiting for their friends. If any one miss the transport, he or she will be solely responsible. 


Students must wear DIU provided T-shirt as well as own ID Card. Without these, one will not be allowed to get into the bus and enter into the permanent   campus.


You must show your own ID Card as well as FOOD COUPON while collecting meal.

No bag is allowed for male students


As a Good citizen and loyal student of DIU, we will expect that whenever you will find any outsider inside the campus in this program please handover to law and enforcement team or our University Security team.


Bringing OUTSIDER is strictly discouraged. (Any outsider will be kept outside campus to avoid any unexpected situation) 


Students are not allowed to go outside of the permanent campus during the program. Any conflict with villagers/locality for any reason is strictly discouraged.


Full area of Permanent Campus will be under CCTV Surveillance.


Students are requested : 

to get into the same bus while returning to Dhaka to maintain decency and enjoy the 17th Foundation Day nicely. 


not to throw garbage (breakfast/lunch box, tissue or any wastage materials) here and there and use dustbin . Campus is yours so please keep clean for you and your friend.


 to ensure that all the students have wear their ID Cards and DIU provided T-shirt in their assigned buses.


To make this program one of the best program we need all of your cordial support. We will love to see you as one of the best citizen of this country.


On Behalf of (Office of the Registrar ,Daffodil International University)

MCT Office