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 CSE  midterm-improvement/overlap-exam-routine,-spring-2019

Midterm Improvement/Overlap Exam Routine, Spring 2019


Dear Students,

Hope you all have a good day. 


Find the attachment regarding  Midterm Improvement/Overlap Exam Routine of Spring 2019. If you face overlap yet again. Then fill up the Google Spreadsheet by visiting the following link (given below), which will only be accessible till 21 March 2019(10:00 pm).  


If you fill up the form in time, then you can attend in overlap exam. Otherwise, the Exam committee will not take any responsibility for your exam. 


After considering the overlap complain, the updated improvement routine will be published on 22 March-2019 after 10:00 p.m.


 Overlap Student List Midterm Exam, Spring 2019(V2)