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NOTICE on Rules and regulations of laboratory


Students are advised to obey the rules and regulations of DIU Laboratories as stated below:


Rules and regulations of laboratory:

  1. Students will not be allowed in laboratory without ID card with DIU ribbon & Apron.
  2. Unnecessary and loud conversation must be avoided with others during laboratory classes
  3. Proper usage of the instruments and equipment must be learnt
  4. In case of damage/broken down of any instruments by a student, he/she must be identified & will be penalized
  5. Equipment must be taken care off for long time use
  6. Equipment must be cleaned after usage and must be kept in proper places specific for them
  7. Special attention must be paid to sink, floor, shelves and reagent area.
  8. Insoluble solids, ointments or oils must not be thrown/kept in the sink.
  9. All reagent bottles/equipment and books must be returned to the Technical Officer of Lab
  10. Without permission, of course teacher/ Technical Officer, students are not allowed to work in lab
  11. Never open or remove cover of the equipment in the laboratories without authorization from teacher/laboratory technician.
  12. Do not displace or remove laboratory equipment without permission and authorization of the teacher/laboratory technician
  13. Use Apron, Gloves and Masks must be used in the laboratories (where applicable)
  14. Must be careful about outfit while using fire in the lab
  15. Must be careful while using gas and other chemicals in the laboratories (where applicable)
  16. Exhaust Fan must be turned on in laboratories
  17. Drinking or eating something is totally forbidden in the laboratories
  18. Must be cautious while using electric power lines in the lab
  19. Tools having non-conductive cover must be used for electrical works
  20. Ornaments and jewelries, including rings, must be put off because these may come in contact with expose circuits.
  21. Shoes shell be worn that provide full coverage of the feet and appropriate personal cloth shell be worn in the laboratories.
  22. Keep the body or any part of it, out of the circuit. Where interconnecting wires and cables are involved, they should be arranged so people will not trip over them
  23. Switch off the supply if you make change to the experiment even when the voltage is low.
  24. After the lab session, switch off every supply, disconnect and disintegrate the experiments.
  25. Always check to see that the power switch is OFF before plugging into the outlet. Also, turn instrument or equipment OFF before unplugging from the outlet.
  26. When unplugging power cord, pull on the plug, not on the cable
  27. When disassembling circuit, first remove the source of power.
  28. Learn and know what to do in any emergency. Be familiar with the locations and operation of safety and emergency equipment such as emergency power OFF in the lab.
  29. Report any broken plug/exposed wires/damages to equipment’s to the teacher/laboratory technicians immediately.