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 MCT  notice-phase-i-(to-submit-individual project-proposal) 

Notice Phase I (to submit individual project proposal) 


Daffodil International University

Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)


                                                                                                                                14 July 2019 


Notice : Phase I

(to submit individual project proposal) 


All the students of Phase I are advised to submit their individual project proposal as per attached instruction. It is mandatory to consult with the supervisors while preparing  this documents. Last date of submitting this document is 20th July 2019. Those who will fail to submit their project proposal within the given time will automatically disqualify from Phase I (thus they will have to retake phase I in coming semester).

Prepare three (3) copies of this document and submit to the following places:  

  • One copy to the MCT Office
  • One Copy to the respective Supervisor
  • One Copy to (Mr Apurba Ghosh ,Lecturer, MCT)



On Behalf of Chairman of the Project Committe,MCT  

(MCT Office)