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 MCT  notice-(pre-defense:-summer-2019)

NOTICE (Pre-defense Phase II: Summer 2019)

NOTICE (Pre-defense: Summer 2019)
This is to notify that all Phase 2(Summer 2019) students who are called for pre-defense on 21st of August, 2019 (Room No : 201 AB , 1.00 PM ) are advised to bring one draft copy of their thesis/project. This draft should be pre-checked by respective supervisors. This draft will be examined by internal board members and Honorable Chairman of Defense Board. So if any colored content is in the thesis/project, the printout should be in color to make things clear. 
Thus to face the pre-defense board, the followings are mandatory for every individual:
  1. Draft Printout of Thesis/Project
  2. Presentation Slide
  3. Project Progress (Preferably Output)
N: B: If you have qurey in this regard you are asked to contact with your respective supervisors before attending the pre defense. 
(On Behalf of Defense and Internship Committe,MCT ) 
MCT Office