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 MCT  notice:-call-for-pre-defense-(fall-2019)

Notice: Call for Pre-defense (Fall 2019)


Daffodil International University

Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)

Date: 20th November, 2019

Notice: Call for Pre-defense (Fall 2019)

This is to notify that the Pre-defense of current Phase 2 students has scheduled on 25th November, 2019 at 10.30
am (Room No: 201 AB).

Particular students who are called for the Pre-defense on this date are advised to bring one printed draft of their
thesis. This draft should be pre-checked by respective supervisors. This draft will be examined by internal board
members and Honorable Chairman of Defense Board. So if any colored content is in the thesis, the printout should
be in color to make things clear.

Thus to face the pre-defense board, the followings are mandatory for every individual:
Draft Printout of Thesis/Project
Presentation Slide
Project Progress (Preferably Output)

N: B: If you have qurey in this regard, you are asked to contact with your respective supervisors before
attending the Pre-defense.


MCT Office
On Behalf of the Project Management Committee