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 ETE  class-routine-(,-spring-2020)

Class Routine (M.Sc. in ETE, Spring 2020)

Daffodil International University
Class Routine (M.Sc. in ETE)
Sl Course Code Course Title Assigned Teacher Teacher ID Semester No. of Stu Day Time
1 ETE 6230 Digital Image Processing Prof. Dr. Md. Adnan Kiber 721900035 2nd   Saturday 10:00 AM
2 ETE 6226 Teletraffic Theory and Engineering Engr. Md. Zahirul Islam 710000933 1st   Friday 3:00 PM
3 ETE 6225 Cellular Network Planning Md. Taslim Arefin 710000562 1st   Friday 11:00 AM
4 ETE 6228 Information Theory and Coding Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Fazlul Haque 710000086 1st   Friday 9:30 AM
5 ETE 6101 Nano-Electronic Devices Prof. Dr. Saeed Mahmud Ullah   1st & 2nd   Saturday 2:00 PM