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 MCT  notice:- phase-i-(spring-2020)

Notice:  Phase I (Spring 2020)


Daffodil International University

Faculty of Science & Information Technology (FSIT)

Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)

Date:  14th March 14, 2020


 Notice:  Phase I (Spring 2020)

The registered students of Phase I (Spring 2020) from the Department of MCT are asked to bring their best works (from first semester till now) in the format of a video resume and also to fill the attached form & maintain the following schedule for presenting this to the project committee of MCT Department. Also note that each student have to submit their respective project proposal according to the attached “Project Proposal Instruction” (as discussed in the seminar). The entire notice is summarized in the following table:



Date & Time


1.Portfolio (Best work) Presentation with video resume

2. Project Proposal

3. Filled Up version of attached “Info” form 

16.03.2020 (Monday)

11.00 AM 

Room : 202AB

Note: You must be reported to the department office at 10.30 AM and need to signature the attendance sheet and also to attest the “Info” form. Only after that you will be eligible for presentation. 


We are looking forward to your sincere participation in this call as it has huge impact in the degree completion process. 


MCT Office 

(on behalf of)

Defense Management Committee

Department of MCT

Daffodil International University