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 MCT  call-for-follow-up-session(date:-30th-may,-2020)-for-final-defense-candidates-(spring-2020)

Call for Follow up Session(Date: 30th May, 2020) for Final Defense Candidates (Spring 2020)


Daffodil International University

Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)

Date: 30th May, 2020


Notice: Call for Follow up Session for Final Defense Candidates

This is to notify that a follow-up session for current final defense candidates has scheduled on 30th May, 2020 at 10.00 am. Particular students who enrolled in Phase 2 in Spring 2020 are regarded as Final Defense Candidates and they are requested to enroll in Google Classroom holding class code “hw55bxs”. Virtual meeting link for this follow up session will be found in this Google Classroom.

Students are asked to join this follow up session without fail.

If you have query in this regard, you are asked to contact with your respective supervisors before attending the follow-up. In necessary cases you can also email Apurba Ghosh (Lecturer, DIU MCT) at - addressing your issue. 


MCT Office

On Behalf of the Project Management Committee