Registration related FAQ

Q. How do I complete course registration in the semester? (For new Students)
Q. How can I complete my course registration in the semester? (For existing students)
Q. How can I Change/ Add/Drop subject after the registration in the semester?
Q. What can I do to drop the semester? (before Registration)
Q. What about the courses of previous syllabus? Do I register myself with previous code as I am a student of previous syllabus?
Q. What can I do to drop my semester? (After Registration)
Q. What can I do for registration when the registration date is over?
Q. I have already dropped three or more semesters (without informing). Now I want to continue my study.
Q. I want to take extra courses next semester?
Q. How I can extend registration duration for more than six years?
Q. When the courses will be offered for (Spring /Fall) this semester?
Q. I want to register one course with day/evening program due to some problem. Is it allowed to take?
Q. What is the process of doing duel-major?

Exam related FAQ

Q. How can I get my admit card or exam clearance?
Q. What is the fees of improvement exam?
Q. How I can give midterm improvement exam?
Q. How can I select Supervisor for internship?
Q. How can I get my result from website?
Q. How can I get the total result of the courses that I have completed?
Q. I have two exams in same slot. Can I attend the improvement exam without fee?
Q. Do I have to attend minimum classes to attend the examinations?
Q. What is the minimum CGPA to get the certificate?
Q. Eligibility to attend is the final Improvement Exam?
Q. How can I remove result block?

Transcript/certificate/concern letter, etc. related FAQ

Q. How I can take concern letter/ testimonial for job purposes.
Q. How I get Internship letter?
Q. When I will be allowed for provisional certificate?
Q. How can I withdraw academic transcripts/ certificate?
Q. How can I get a recommendation letter?
Q. How I will get a concern letter.

Miscellaneous related FAQ

Q. How can I get my email password? (For new students)
Q. How can I solve the Email password problem?
Q. I cannot login in the student portal. How can I get access to the student portal?
Q. How can I get my class routine of the semester?
Q. I have lost my ID card. What can I do now?
Q. Where can I get my scholarship/waiver information?
Q. When is the payment date?
Q. What is the installment amount?
Q. How may I reserve class room for extra class?
Q. How I may solve DIU portal problem?
Q. How may I get scholarship from foreign university?
Q. How can I solve the Email password problem?
Q. How can I change Department?
Q. How can I change course section
Q. How to solve Multimedia/ IT related Problem
Q. How can I change the Campus?
Q. What is the requirement to get a Laptop?
Q. How I can transfer credit with a foreign university or interested to join in summer program?
Q. How can I teacher/officer number.
Q. What is the process of teaching evaluation?
Q. How to check payment ledger from student portal?
Q. Can I meet with my course teacher other than class period?
Q. Where can I find information about insurance?
Q. How can I login the google classroom?