Registration related FAQ

Q. How do I complete course registration in the semester? (For new Students)
Q. How can I complete my course registration in the semester? (For existing students)
Q. How can I Change/ Add/Drop course after the registration?
Q. What can I do to drop the semester? (before registration)
Q. What can I do to drop my semester? (after registration)
Q. I am a student of previous syllabus. Shall I do my registration with previous course code or I will register with new course code?
Q. What can I do for registration when the registration date is over?
Q. I have already dropped three or more semesters (without informing). Now I want to continue my study.
Q. How to take extra courses in a semester?
Q. How I can extend registration duration for more than six years?
Q. How can I resolve result block?
Q. What is the process of doing dual-major?

Exam related FAQ

Q. How can I get my admit card for Mid Term and Final Exams?
Q. What is the fees of improvement exam?
Q. How can I sit in the improvement exam?
Q. How can I select a Supervisor for internship?
Q. How can I get my semester results from website?
Q. How can I get the cumulative results (CGPA) of all the courses that I have completed?
Q. I have two exams in same time slot. Can I attend the improvement of the missed exam without fee?
Q. Do I have to attend a minimum number of classes to attend the examinations?
Q. What is the minimum CGPA to get the certificate?
Q. Is there any eligibility to attend the final Improvement Exam?

Transcript/certificate/concern letter, etc. related FAQ

Q. How I can take concern letter/ testimonial for job purpose?
Q. How I get Internship letter?
Q. When I will be allowed for provisional certificate?
Q. How can I withdraw academic transcripts/ certificate?
Q. How can I get a recommendation letter?
Q. How I will get a concern letter.

Miscellaneous related FAQ

Q. How can I get my email password? (For new students)
Q. How can I solve the Email password problem?
Q. I cannot login in the student portal. How can I get access to the student portal?
Q. How can I get my class routine of the semester?
Q. I have lost my ID card. What can I do now?
Q. Where can I get my scholarship/waiver information?
Q. When is the payment date?
Q. How much do we need to pay in second (before mid-term) and third (before final) installment?
Q. How may I reserve class room for extra class?
Q. How may I get scholarship from foreign university?
Q. How can I change Department/Program?
Q. How can I solve the Email password problem?
Q. How to solve Multimedia/ IT related Problem?
Q. How can I change the Campus?
Q. What are the requirements to get Laptop from university?
Q. How I can transfer credit with a foreign university?
Q. How I can join in International Summer Programs?
Q. How can I find thecontact numbers of a teacher/officer?
Q. What is the process of teaching evaluation?
Q. How to check payment ledger from student portal?
Q. Can I meet with my course teacher other than class period?
Q. Where can I find information about insurance?
Q. How can I login the google classroom?