Fall 2022 Class Routine Version 3.3

Dear Students 

Greetings from the department of CSE!!! 
Please find the class routine version 3.3 of the day program and version 2.2 of the evening program for the Fall 2022 semester attached herewith.
Day students feedback:
Evening students feedback:
The following courses of the day program have been merged with the evening sections.
Course Code Course Name Section
CSE234 Numerical Methods OLD-A
CSE321 System Analysis & Design OLD-A
CSE224 Electronics Devices and Circuits OLD-A
CSE225 Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab OLD-A
The following courses of the evening program have been merged with the day sections.
Course Code Course Name Section
PHY114 Physics-I DIPLOMA
CSE133 Data Structure DIPLOMA
CSE133L Data Structure Lab DIPLOMA
MAT112 Mathematics-I: Differential and Integral Calculus DIPLOMA
GED334 Bangladesh Studies DIPLOMA
ENG124 English Language-II DIPLOMA
CSE132L Electrical Circuit Lab DIPLOMA
CSE213L Algorithms Lab OLD-A
N.B.: The lab courses PHY114 of L1T1 and PHY114 of L1T2 have been split into two groups for better utilization of resources. For example, Section-A is split into A1 and A2.
The routine will be effective from Saturday, 27th August 2022.
Thanks & Regards 
Md. Towhiduzzaman
Coordination Officer
Department of CSE