Checklist for Final Defense in the M.Sc. ETE Program

Daffodil International University

Checklist for Final Defense in the M.Sc. ETE Program


Congratulations on reaching the final stage of your Master's program in the ETE (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) program at Daffodil International University. To begin your final defense, please follow the checklist below:


  • Thesis registration:

Ensure that your thesis registration is confirmed, just like your course registration. Check the student portal to confirm your thesis registration status.


  • Supervisor selection Form:

Collect the thesis supervisor selection form from the department office. Fill out the form indicating your preferred supervisor and submit it to the defense committee. 


  • Selected supervisor:

A supervisor will be assigned to you, giving priority to the proposed supervisor you mentioned in the form. The department office will notify you about the assigned supervisor. If there is a delay in the selection of the supervisor, you should contact the office. Please note that the supervisor assigned may not always be the one you requested in the form. However, your requested supervisor will be given preference in the selection process.


  • Proposal submission:

After knowing the name of your assigned supervisor, contact him/her to discuss your thesis proposal. Obtain the proposal preparation format available in the department and prepare your thesis proposal according to the provided guidelines.


  • Proposal Approval:

Once your proposal is prepared, submit it to the Defense Committee for approval. They will review your proposal and provide feedback if necessary. Revise your proposal based on the committee's feedback until it is approved. 


  • Final Report:

Collect a copy of the approved proposal from the department office. Contact your assigned supervisor to share the approved proposal and Start working on your final thesis report in collaboration with your supervisor based on the approved proposal.


  • Plagiarism Check:

Once your thesis report is completed, it must be checked for plagiarism. Please email your report to the following address: 


  1. and your supervisor e-mail

The plagiarism report must indicate a similarity score below 40%.


  • Final Defense:

Once the plagiarism check is completed and your report meets the required standards, you should await instructions regarding your final defense. (N.B. If there is any dues in the university it should be cleared)