Notice on Chairman Endowment Fund, Mofizuddin Majumder Scholarship Fund and Delwar Hussain Chowdhury Scholarship Fund,2022-23


                                                                                                                                                                                                               Date: 07 November 2023


The Management of DIU is pleased to introduce three scholarships named the ‘Chairman Endowment Fund Scholarship’, the ‘Mofizuddin Majumder Scholarship Fund’, and the ‘Delwar Hussain Chowdhury Scholarship Fund’. These scholarships are designed to provide support to deserving and financially disadvantaged students, enabling them to pursue their undergraduate studies in any program offered by Daffodil International University.


Applications will be accepted exclusively from registered students, and scholarships will be awarded upon verification, in addition to any existing waivers they may have.


Terms and Conditions:

·         These scholarships are applicable solely to local students enrolled in the Undergraduate Program at DIU, including both day and evening programs.

·         Eligible students must have completed a minimum of one year of study at DIU.

·         Students who have maintained a CGPA of 3.00 or higher over the past three semesters (trimesters) or two semesters (bi-semesters) within the calendar year from January 1 to December 31 are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


 Students have a financial crisis due to:  


·         the demise of student’s father or the individual responsible for financing their education at DIU. 

·         the critical illness of student’s guardians or the person responsible for financing their education at DIU. Preference will be given to those who are not covered by a guardian's insurance scheme. 

·         the student's own critical illness. 

·         students who are covered under a guardian life insurance or student life insurance scheme are not eligible for these scholarships.


Additional Terms and Conditions:


·         Applicants must have regular attendance in their academic session. Students who are irregular or have dropped out will not be eligible for these scholarships.

·         Students receiving waivers ranging from 0% to 30% are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

·         Each student can apply for one category at a time from among the three scholarship categories.

·         The scholarship will be granted on a one-time basis.

·     Students engaged in any subversive activities against the university or the country are not eligible to apply for these scholarships. The benefits will be revoked at any stage if a student is found in violation of this requirement.


To avail of this opportunity, eligible students are advised to submit their applications through the online application form, from November 7, 2023, to November 18, 2023.


Please note that no applications will be accepted after November 18, 2023.


For more detailed information, please visit the following link:



(Dr. Mohammed Nadir Bin Ali)


Daffodil International University



Before applying please  follow the steps to apply for the scholarship.   



  1. 1st step-Browse the Link : 
  2. 2nd step- SelectChairman Endowment Fund Scholarship/Mofizuddin Majumder Scholarship Fund/Delwar Hussain Chowdhury Scholarship Fund
  3. 3rd step- ClickApply online option and 
  4. 4th step- select Applicant applyand then apply for the scholarship


For Video guideline you may also visit the link: