Offering the Special Waiver during COVID-19 situation to the registered students of Fall 2021 and all students of upcoming semesters until the situation improves.

The newly admitted students can apply for special waiver in Fall 2021 (Both Bi and Tri semester) with initial ID 213 (both Local and International) of Bachelor and Master Programs due to COVID-19 crisis through following link:
Application Form will be available from 12 October 2021 to 20  October 2021.  


Please guide students to follow the steps to apply for Special Waiver  during COVID-19 situation.  
1. 1st step- Browse the Link 
2. 2nd step- Select Special Waiver  during COVID-19 situation 
3. 3rd step- Click Apply online option and 
4. 4th step- select Applicant login and then apply for special waiver