Revised BSc in CSE Mid-term Exam Routine, Fall 2021 semester

Dear Students,


Hope you all have a good day.  


Find the attachment regarding the CSE Midterm Exam Routine of the Fall 2021 semester.  



Instructions for Students:

During the exam, you need to ensure the following items and code of conduct: 


  1. No student will be allowed to attend for examination without clearing their payment to the university or Showing proper documents.
    2. No discussion in a group or with your classmates as it will be reflected in your answers.
    3. No sharing of codes, write-ups, or ideas as this will be automatically detected by DIU BLC and will lead to negative marking proposed by the system.
    4. No copy text or code or any from the Internet as this will be detected by DIU BLC system plagiarism checker and this will lead to negative marking by the system.  


N.B: For the Overlap exam issue, you are instructed to communicate with your course teachers.


Thank you.