Short Courses: (36-72 hours)
English 3-6 months     
French 3-6 months     
German            3-6 months     
Spanish            3-6 months     
Italian 3-6 months     
Arabic 3-6 months     
Chinese 3-6 months     
Japanese 3-6 months     
Korean 3-6 months     
Malay  3-6 months     
Bangla 3-6 months     


Diploma Courses: (108-144 hours)
English 9-12 months
French 9-12 months
German            9-12 months  
Spanish            9-12 months  
Italian 9-12 months
Arabic 9-12 months 
Chinese 9-12 months 
Japanese 9-12 months 
Korean 9-12 months   
Malay  9-12 months
Bangla 9-12 months


IELTS Preparation: (36 hours)

English             9-12 months               

Spoken Courses: (18 hours)

English            6 weeks
Japanese        6 weeks
German           6 weeks

Very Short Courses: (9 hours)

Arabic             6 weeks
Malay              6 weeks
Our short courses are right for you if:

  • you are trying for or attending a job in any part of the world including Middle-East and Malaysia and if you are willing to learn a little beforehand.
  • you are living in Bangladesh and would like to talk in Bangla.
  • you are trying for higher study in Europe, and would like to learn basic conversation.
  • you feel shy to talk in English and would like to improve your conversation skill.