Ashifur Rahman

I am Md Ashifur Rahman, working as an architect in a start-up organization. I have completed my bachelor degree from Daffodil International University. I am really proud that I found my name in the alumni list of DIU. Lots of memory and learning I got from this varsity. After admitted in the department of architecture, I started my varsity life. There were lots of opportunity I received from the varsity. Well decorated class, friendly teachers, resourceful library and lots of academic and non-academic activity helps me very much. The depth and detail of what I have learned is far beyond my expectation. I got a friendly environment to enhance my knowledge. The days at Daffodil University has undoubtedly prepared me for my prospective professional working life, not only did I develop a proficient understanding of architecture, but also a keen interest in the field of other fields too. I always loved to take challenges in my varsity life. I have involved myself to organize programs, seminars or any other types of events. From those activities I learned to work as a team, to maintain deadline, working according to budget and resource, managing people and proper communication with different types of people and organization. Teachers were really helpful. Beside the academic subjects they always tried to motivate us to become an entrepreneur, a skilled person, to use the new technology, to adopt the changes in professional life and the most importantly to become a good person. In my academic life I learned a lot from practical problem solving and different project visit. Nowadays those practical knowledges helping me a lot in my professional life. Employers aren't just interested in degrees these days. They try to look at other ways I can expand myself. They don't just want someone who has spent four years of their life book-bashing. They want someone who can communicate well with people and work hard in a team. My varsity definitely broadens the mind. I can remember that I have attended in many seminars, lectures, conference etc. organized by Daffodil. Many renowned persons from home and abroad has given their views of the professional world at those programs. Those things were really helpful to me. So far, I can tell that the university gives me a all types of direction by which I can improve myself in my career and I can proudly say that I am doing so. Still as an alumni I get invitation in many programs of my university as well as many events. There are many collaboration programs I have attended with the running students. There are a alumni association in DIU, where we meet with other departments students and enhance our professional benefit. A good alumni association is important for the students to get a good job and work better and our university is maintaining that very well. Already alumni association has built a good community and network not only in Bangladesh but also in florigen country also. I believe that Daffodil will support us to build a successful career of us. I think that a degree helps a person to get on in life. I also think that other things I learned at university, like independence, are equally helpful. A lot of it depends on hobbies and societies that you get involved in. I love my university very much and missed my varsity life as well. Md Ashifur Rahman Architect, BHUMIJO Ltd. Former student of Department of Architecture Student Id 142-42-114 Daffodil International University.