Anika Shama Priyata

Fighting For Your Dream Gives You A Blessing Not A Curse Fighting against the family to fulfill my dream had put me all the time in a difficult situation I am here to share the background of the feelings that I felt the immediate second when I heard from our respected Head that "Congratulations , from now you are an architect" . Well I am an Architect & an alumni of Daffodil International University. I have completed my B.Arch in December 2019. Study in architecture became my dream when I was admitted for the coaching of Engineering and became my passion after I selected for BUET examination. The situation was not with me to fulfill my dream easily it had decided a hard path already. But Daffodil International University made that path slightly a bit clear for me. I was in here to study In CSE department not in ARCHITECTURE cause CSE is the best department in DIU, from that exact moment fighting for my dream started with my family. The 5 year journey started with a huge compulsion in my daily life. After admitted here I realize that ARCHITECTURE IS NOT JUST A DEPARTMENT IT'S A FAMILY So I turned my focus on the study and working hard to achieve everything that my new family prepared for me in my every new step. Finally I learn how to fought back and gave my 100% to adapt the all things I could get from my respected faculty. I must say that I am blessed that i found a tremendous faulty in my hard time. They supported me a lot when I fall and when I glow. They appreciated me in my hard work and also criticize for my own good. With a good result and a much disciplined life I exit that place and stepped in a new life. 5 years was not a less time to get something or loose something. Many more days are still waiting for me. In my own perspective 5 years ago the situation was not in my side and today after passing from the university the situation is still not with me. We are facing the Pandemic situation of COVID-19. But still not regretted for this situation that it stopped me to entering in my new life cause those passed 5 year moments I didn't share with my family nowadays I gave it to them with the full interest. I hope and pray as a part of this family that, The Department of Architecture and my beloved Daffodil International University will rise and shine.