Nisat Jebin

Freedom of Creativity and Geist." The main reason behind coming to architecture was to be able to do something new with own thinking and creativity without having to memorize a book and only passing exam. And I had in mind that architecture is the only subject that is different from all other subjects; where knowledge can be gained through a combination of thought and logic. After passing HSC, I was very confused that in which university's Dept. of Architecture I should get admitted. Daffodil International University was already familiar to me but its Architecture Department was around only one-year-old then. It was a quite new department that time. Despite that, I got admitted in the spring session of 2015 and to be honest, I didn't have to regret for taking that decision. Despite being a new department we have got the most qualified faculty. They are the most supportive and friendly teachers. In my opinion, the teachers of the Architecture Department of other universities, those are been running for many years, could not give their students much time and sincerity that our teachers give to our students. Our department has many academic courses along architecture such as Photography, Sculpture making, Interior design, Craftsmanship etc. So that we can work in any sector of our choice after graduation. There is no limitations to our job choices. At the same time our teachers always encouraged us to be active in Daffodil University's online based academic programs. This has enhanced our skills in online communication which has been very helpful in working from home in such situations as current epidemic. I completed my graduation in December 2019.1am currently working on some online based projects as well as working as a freelance interior architect and also planning for higher education. I want to work towards making our country as a beautiful livable country with my creativity and ideas.