Sarowar Zahan

Obviously it's natural to open up about one's experience of success. Here I am writing about my success story in professional sector. Well I am an Architect & an alumni of Daffodil International University. I have completed my B.Arch in December 2018. Joined as associate architect in Studio Spacejam from January 2019. When I was a student I was really concerned about my future for the reason of studying in a private university. I was told as like as others of my age that studying in a private university won't brighten up my future, I will not get any job bla bla bla. But after spending a few years and after having a bit of experience in profession sectors I had seen that it's all not about a public graduate or a private graduate, it's more than that. It's about skill, it's about passion and it's about consistency. So I had focused my all in improving my skills and sharpened them. As the first thesis batch of Dept. of Architecture it was hard to improve the skills because of not having any seniors. Our faculty members stepped in about the problem and provided us with their best assists in every aspect of our need. Without the help of those heavenly souls I shouldn't have come this far at all. I don't think I am enough successful yet because there is always a lot more in success you know! But as far as I have come today this won't be possible at all without their guidance. I am forever in debt of my faculty members. So writing of success I have learnt to seek knowledge and accept challenges. I have always tried to improve myself in every aspect I can both mentally and skillfully. I always keep in touch with the professionals and try to learn from's been more than one year I am working with the firm and I think they are happy with me. The best way to keep your employer/s happy is to always fulfill their expectation to you with your skills and knowledge. There are always struggles in way but I try to overcome then and succeeded so far. I always try to stay positive and keep my distance from negative people those who will always say you can't. I focus on the bright side, I try to remain calm, i don't rush with a decision try to provide the best of me to my employer. Basically job is really not the only success I want that's why I am preparing myself for having an own architectural firm. I know it'll take a lot of time but I am okay with it. Success doesn't come so easily you know, you have to work for it. You have to work for it a lot. I am just doing that. So the things I have learnt through these years that no matter from where you graduate if you have skills you can succeed. It's not mandatory for success to have a graduation but it really helps a lot. One have to improve skills in those sector that they love to do. If anyone finds a job with a high salary that they don't love and sucks at it but still holding on to it because they need the money, then that's not the success I will want. Work without love and passion in not a profession nor a success. It's a way of giving labor. I work in this profession because I love to work. I love those puzzle solving moves in my head while solving a design. I love the intense pressure of my profession. I love when I give my society a sustainable design. I love those happy faces of my clients after getting their desire fulfilled. Because that is what success is to me.