Business Administration

Alumni Detail


This is Ejaj-Ur-Rahaman, currently working as a Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration of Daffodil International University.

Moments I shared with my respected teachers who were more than my friends will never be erased from my memory. Their love and affection created the atmosphere to learn from beyond the books. I must acknowledge the opportunities I enjoyed at Daffodil International University to prepare myself as a faculty. The best support I availed from the university is the platform for co-curricular activities. I got the opportunity to play roles in different clubs as executive president and general secretary and achieved the ability to speak in front of public fearlessly and I also instilled the ability to communicate effectively.

It is worth mentioning that I completed my bachelor degree from the Department of Business Administration of Daffodil International University and completed Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka. I have also started my second Masters in Education Leadership in IED, Brac University.

Recently, I have been invited by Bangkok University to facilitate a course: “Attifume – Art of Attitude to Impart a Pleasant Smell for Life Time.” I have also virtually participated as co-presenter of “Economics of Body Language” at the conference “Performing the World” held in New York. Besides, I visited Lyceum of the Philippines University in Laguna, Philippines as visiting professor to teach in the College of Business & Accountancy and in the Graduate School there for a semester in 2017.

I can see the future of the university as one of the prime educational and research institutions of Asia. I would like to advise the existing and prospective students of DIU that classroom is not the limit here at DIU; you need to explore all available opportunities at DIU. These are developed only for you. Knock all the doors, you never know which one is waiting for you. Explore and go beyond.


Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration