Real Estate

Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities:

Computer Lab:

  • Desktop computers with relevant real estate software (property valuation, GIS mapping, CAD, statistical analysis tools).
  • High-speed internet connection for research and data collection.
  • Printers and scanners for document preparation and analysis.

GIS (Geographic Information System) Lab:

  • GIS software for spatial analysis and mapping.
  • High-quality maps and aerial imagery for practical applications in real estate.
  • GPS devices for field data collection and mapping.

Property Valuation Lab:

  • Real estate valuation software and databases.
  • Access to online property valuation tools and databases.
  • Sample property valuation cases for practical exercises.

Construction and Development Lab:

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software for architectural and construction planning.
  • Virtual reality tools for immersive experiences in real estate development.
  • 3D printers for creating physical models of real estate projects.