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Resources Persons:

  1. Shawkat Hossain FCMA, Former MD, BD Venture Limited
  2. Md Kamruzzaman Didar, Assistant Professor (Finance), Dept of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  3. Mohammad Reyad Hossain, Lecturer (Senior Scale), Dept of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  4. Md. Mahfijur Rahman, Investment Associate (VC & PE), BVCL


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Details Outline


Certificate Course on Venture Capital and Private Equity


Course Overview:

This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the VC and PE industry, with a focus on the venture capital investment process and due diligence, general principles and the valuation of venture capital companies, deriving value from venture capital investments, structuring and restructuring venture capital investments, managing and realizing venture capital investments, and emerging trends in VC.


For startups, this course will provide valuable insights into how to attract VC investment and build a successful relationship with their VC partners. Participants will learn about the different types of VC firms, the investment process, and the key factors that VC investors consider when making investment decisions.


For investors, this course will provide a deep understanding of the VC and PE industry and the unique challenges and opportunities of investing in early-stage companies. Participants will learn about the different types of VC and PE funds, the investment process, due diligence, valuation, and exit strategies.


Overall, this course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about the VC and PE industry and the role it plays in the startup ecosystem. Whether you are a startup founder, investor, or simply curious about this exciting field, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.


Here are some specific benefits of the course for startups and investors:

For startups:

  • Learn how to identify and target the right VC firms for your startup
  • Develop a compelling pitch deck and presentation
  • Navigate the venture capital investment process
  • Build a strong relationship with your VC partners
  • Learn how to use VC funding to grow your startup
  • Startups will learn the principles and methods of valuing their own companies.
  • Structuring and managing investments
  • Learning about exit strategies
  • Awareness of Emerging Trends
  • Networking and Collaboration


For investors:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the VC and PE industry and the unique challenges and opportunities of investing in early-stage companies
  • Learn about the different types of VC and PE funds, the investment process, due diligence, valuation, and exit strategies
  • Identify investment opportunities and conduct due diligence on potential investments
  • Structure and negotiate venture capital investments
  • Manage and realize venture capital investments


The course will be taught by a team of experienced venture capital researchers, investors, and practitioners, and will feature a mix of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and assignments. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with venture capital investors and entrepreneurs.

Duration: 12 Weeks


Course Objectives:

  • To understand the venture capital investment process and due diligence
  • To learn about the general principles and the valuation of venture capital companies
  • To develop the skills necessary to derive value from venture capital investments
  • To understand the practical considerations in the valuation of venture capital companies
  • To learn about structuring and restructuring venture capital investments
  • To understand the approval process, execution, and documentation of venture capital investments
  • To learn about managing and realizing venture capital investments
  • To understand the emerging trends in VC



Week 01 Module 1: Overview of Venture Capital and Private Equity
1.1 Understanding the venture capital and private equity landscape1.2 Differentiating between venture capital and private equity1.3 Historical evolution and significance in the investment world1.4 The different types of venture capital funds
Week 02 Module 2: Challenges Forming and Growing a Seed-Stage VC Firm
2.1 Overview of Seed-Stage VC Firms2.2 Determining the Size of the Fund for Seed-Stage Investments2.3 Fundraising Strategies for Seed-Stage VC Firms
Week 03 Module 3: Venture Capital Investment Process
3.1 Stages of Venture Capital Investment3.2 Identifying Investment Opportunities3.3 Investment Decision-Making and Criteria
Week 04 Module 4: Due Diligence in Venture Capital
4.1 The Role of Due Diligence in the Investment Process4.2 Conducting Due Diligence - Practical Approaches4.3 Due Diligence Workshop and Group Exercise
Week 05 Module 5: Valuation of Venture Capital Firms
5.1 The different methods of valuing venture capital firms5.2 How to value a venture capital firm.5.3 Practical considerations in the valuation of venture capital firms
Week 06 Module 6: Deriving Value from Venture Capital Investment
6.1 Different types of value that venture capital investors can derive from their investments6.2 Creating value for all stakeholders (founders, investors, employees, customers, etc.)
Week 07 Module 7: Structuring and Managing Venture Capital Investments
7.1 How to structure a venture capital investment7.2 How to restructure a venture capital investment7.3 Portfolio management and performance evaluation
Week 08 Module 8: Venture Capital Approval Process, Execution, Documentation
8.1 Key components of the approval process8.3 Implementing approved venture capital investments8.4 Coordinating with stakeholders during execution8.5 Monitoring and managing investments throughout their lifecycle8.6 Challenges and solutions in venture capital execution8.7 Types of documents required for venture capital transactions8.8 Best practices in maintaining accurate and legally sound documentation8.9 Post-investment evaluation and adjustments
Week 09 Module 9: Exit Strategies
9.1 Exit strategies: IPO, acquisition, or secondary sale
Week 10 Module 10: Venture Capital Firm Risk Management
10.1 Types of Risks in Venture Capital Firms10.2 Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing for Venture Capital Firms10.3 Risk Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for VC Firms10.4 Crisis Management and Contingency Planning for VC Firms10.5 Learning from Failure: Post-Mortem Analysis
Week 11 Module 11: Scaling Venture Capital Firms
11.1 Introduction to Scaling in Venture Capital11.2 Portfolio Diversification Strategies11.3 Fund Size and Fundraising11.4 Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations11.5 Building a Strong Brand and Thought Leadership11.6 Scalable Processes and Technology
Week 12 Module 12: Emerging Trends in Venture Capital
12.1 Exploring the changing landscape of VC12.2 Impact of technology and innovation12.3 ESG considerations in venture capital12.4 Future outlook and opportunities
Assessment and Projects ·         Venture Capital Simulation·         Mock Due Diligence·         Pitch Deck Creation·         Case Study Analysis·         Group Presentations·         Exam·         Class Participation
Certification Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion in "Venture Capital and Private Equity." Offered by Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and signed by Vice-Chancellor of Daffodil International University