Information and Communication Engineering


Mr. Mahdy Hassan. National Programme Coordinator (GLO.ACT-Bangladesh),United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

UNODC in partnership with Daffodil International University  

(DIU), under the framework of the European Union funded Global  

Action against Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of  

Migrants - Bangladesh (GLO.ACT-Bangladesh) Programme  

facilitated an in-person workshop with students from DIU on 11 June 2022 when I had the  opportunity to visit the beautiful Ashulia campus of DIU. The workshop aimed to broaden  participant’s knowledge and understanding of issues related to the rule of law in trafficking in  persons (TIP) and the smuggling of migrants (SOM). In the margin of the workshop, DIU faculty  members and representatives from UNODC inaugurated a UNODC library corner with materials  published with the support from GLO.ACT-Bangladesh Programme. We expect that the UNODC  library corner will be a valuable resource for the students and researchers of DIU to learn about  TIP and SOM. We are glad about DIU as our partner, and we will be looking forward for further  collaboration with the University to continue our common goal.