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The Department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) aims to impart and improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in Information and Communication Engineering.

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Life at Daffodil is very much eventful. Through a lot of meaningful and impactful events students get the opportunity to develop their skills and portfolio beyond the curriculam

13 Feb 2022

Pohela Falgun 2022

Pohela Falgun is the first day of spring and eleventh month in the Bengali calendar that falls on 13 February just eve of the world Valentine's Day. To celebrate the day various types of festivals take place all over the country. The blazing red and yellow are the representative colors of spring. We organized the Pohela Falgun 2022 program from our club Information and Communication Engineering Club.

4 Mar 2023

ITM Summit

The ITM Summit hosted a panel discussion on "Project Management Professional Session" with industry experts sharing their experiences across diverse industries. The discussion highlighted critical aspects of project management in the FinTech and IT sectors, emphasizing the need for up-skilling. The students actively engaged with the panelists, gaining valuable insights into project management and research. PMI Bangladesh expressed its commitment to supporting and empowering the youth. The event was informative and engaging, providing valuable insights to the audience

7 Feb 2023

MoU Between Toph and Department of Information Technology & Management (ITM)

👨‍💼Today Department of Information Technology & Management (ITM) has a Memorandum of Understanding with Toph, a leading platform for online programming contests. Our partnership will last for 3 years and provide numerous benefits for programming enthusiasts.
⌨️Programming contests are a great way to enhance your coding skills, improve problem-solving abilities, and compete with other talented coders from around the world. With the support of Toph, we are looking forward to providing an even more engaging and challenging experience for our community.
💻Toph is known for its top-notch features that make coding competitions both fun and educational. From its intuitive user interface to its real-time code evaluation system, Toph provides a seamless experience for coders of all levels.
👉So, get ready to sharpen your coding skills, solve some exciting problems, and compete with the best of the best! Our partnership with Toph is sure to take your coding journey to new heights.

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Information and Communication Engineering
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Information and Communication Engineering
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Our Alumni are our pride as they are engaged in building the world through national and International contributions