Multimedia & Creative Technology

Message From Head

It gives me pleasure to introduce the Department of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT) and its website and I hope visitors will enjoy exploring our contributions to the areas of Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Architectural Visualization, Motion Graphics, Character Animation, and Cinematography. The human brain has a creative right side and a left one that is responsible for our ability to use logic, to analyse and to develop technical and scientific thinking. If you look at our areas of specialisation above, it will come as no surprise when I say that Multimedia and Creative Technology is the interface between the two spheres. In the MCT Department, we nurture both students, technical skills and their creativity, allowing them to apply their imagination, their dreams and their artistic talents in terms of state-of-art technology. In the MCT Department, our teaching philosophy is to engage students in their course activities independently as well as collaboratively to produce final outcomes. We give emphasis to interaction and sharing experience amongst students in the same course of study for acquisition of knowledge and development of skills and abilities. Additionally, students are provided with opportunities for organizing and managing different events and workshops for further improvement of their skills up to the professional level. As a result, the students are in a state of preparing themselves for the competitive job market at national and international levels. Indeed, multimedia technology has become an icon globally for its popular applications and innovative features. We have posted lots of course outcomes, both digital and graphical, created by our students each semester. I hope visitors will be delighted with them. The Department has a lot of facilities for creating these. The Department has a scheme for talented students to conducting training and outsourcing in relevant areas. We also have a plan to provide scholarships to students with outstanding results each semester. Many thanks to our teachers and researchers for their efforts and we hope to continue to play a leading role in the area of multimedia and creative technology in Bangladesh in the future.


Mr. Md. Salah Uddin
Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)