Physical Education & Sports Science


The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, under the Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT), Daffodil International University Dhaka, Bangladesh offers a B.Sc. (Hon’s) program in Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS). This program offers the world’s best known and most widely recognized Bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sports Science for the students willing to serve in different organizations and prepares for a career in areas such as sports training, personal training, corporate and community fitness, wellness coaching, and cardiac rehabilitation moreover, government and non-government offices in the national and international organizations. The course students also could be able to expand their education in M. P. Ed and related higher degrees to build careers in academic and research. The program consists of fifty-eight theoretical, practical and oral assessment courses in both classrooms and the field with 142 credit hours. The duration of this program are four years.


Federation and Institutional Collaboration

Daffodil International University (DIU) collaborates with several national and international federations and institutions to promote games and sports among its students. Some of these collaborations are:

  1. Bangladesh Olympic Association (BOA): DIU has a good Communication and understanding with BOA to promote sports and games activities in the university.
  2. Bangladesh Basketball Federation (BBF): DIU has a good Communication with BBF to develop basketball skills among its students.
  3. Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF): DIU collaborates with BFF to organize inter-university football tournaments and other football-related events.
  4. Bangladesh Volleyball Federation (BVF): DIU has a good understanding with BVF to organize inter-university volleyball tournaments and other volleyball-related events.
  5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB): DIU has a good communication with BCB to promote cricket skills among its students and organize cricket tournaments.
  6. DIU also have collaboration with Jassore University of Science and Technology and also trying to sign a MOU with BKSP.  


Apart from these national federations, DIU has also signed MOUs with several international institutions to promote sports and games among its students. Some of these collaborations are:

  1. Korea National Sport University (KNSU): DIU has signed an MOU with KNSU to provide sports education and training to its students.
  2. Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST): DIU has a partnership with JUST to promote sports science education and research.
  3. National Sports Academy of Bulgaria (NSAB): DIU collaborates with NSAB to develop sports education and training programs for its students.
  4. Asia Rugby: DIU partners with Asia Rugby to promote rugby skills and organize rugby tournaments.


These collaborations help DIU to provide its students with a broad range of opportunities to develop their sports skills, participate in inter-university tournaments, and connect with the global sports community.


Field Facility

Daffodil International University has several facilities for games and sports on its campus to promote physical fitness and overall well-being among its students. The university has a dedicated sports complex named "DIU Permanent Campus Sports Complex" that covers an area of 2.5 acres. Some of the facilities available in the complex include:

  1. Cricket ground with turf wicket
  2. Football ground with floodlights
  3. Futsal Field
  4. Golf Court
  5. Squash Court
  6. Basketball court
  7. Volleyball court
  8. Tennis court
  9. Table tennis room
  10. Chess and carom room
  11. Gymnasium with modern equipment
  12. Swimming pool



Apart from these facilities, the university also has a separate indoor sports complex named "DIU Multipurpose Hall" that hosts indoor games like badminton, basketball, and volleyball. The hall is air-conditioned and has a seating capacity of 1500 people. In addition to these facilities, the university has a jogging track and a well-equipped fitness center for the students.

The university encourages its students to participate in various sports and games events and provides necessary support and facilities to them. The sports complex is maintained by a dedicated team of staff members who ensure that the facilities are kept in good condition and are available for use by the students. Overall, the sports facilities at Daffodil International University are designed to provide a healthy and active lifestyle to its students.