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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who can attend the courses at Microsoft IT Academy?

Answer: The courses at the Microsoft IT Academy are open for students from all levels.

Question 2: How can I enroll?

Answer: The enrolment procedure is very simple. Come to the Microsoft IT Academy office at Daffodil International University , fill an enrollment form, deposit the necessary amount of money with the accounts, submit the cash receipt along with the form and two copies of photograph at the office and you are enrolled!

Question 3: How long will it take to complete a course, say MCSE?

Answer: As we already know, to obtain the MCSE certification one has got to sit for seven exams including the elective. Now if the duration of each module is say, 40 hours, then the total course duration in hours is 7 x 40 = 280 hours. Each week there will be 04 hours of class, which will take approximately 70 weeks, i.e., almost one year and six months to complete the whole course. But provisions are there that you can take up more than a module at a time, which will shorten the duration of the course for you.

Question 4: How will it help me career-wise?

Answer: As the certificate from Microsoft is recognized world-wide and the Entrepreneurs who use Microsoft technology will recognize your expertise in the field.

Question 5: Do I need to sit for the online exams after completion of the course?

Answer: Yes, you need to sit for the Microsoft certification exam online to obtain the certificate from the Microsoft. However, upon successful completion of the course the Microsoft IT Academy will provide you a Course Completion certificate.

Question 6: Where do I sit for the online certification exam?

Answer: You are to sit for the exam at any certified Online Testing Centre and the Microsoft IT Academy at Daffodil International University provides the facility to sit for the exam at the Online Testing Centre at the Academy itself.



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