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Why Microsoft IT Academy

As a part of Microsoft's IT Academy Program, the Daffodil International University offers a broad range of Microsoft skills based courses in a variety of teaching formats.

Hosted by the Faculty of Science & Information Technology, the Microsoft IT Academy at the Daffodil International University is committed to offering a wide range of skills based modules to enhance its growing reputation as one of the most modern and best- equipped computing environment in Bangladesh . If you are thinking of getting certified to work information technology, there's literally no better place to prepare than a Microsoft IT Academy.

The Daffodil International University has teamed up with Microsoft to give the best in cutting edge training, materials and hands on experience. All, of course, provided by instructors who are trained on the latest Microsoft Technologies, so you will always stay ahead of the curve. With the Onset of an era of globalization, transferable human resource skill are required to compete in the global job market. You are earning skills locally but you will be accepted globally.


•  Very low cost compared to the other Microsoft Certified Learning Centers.

•  Faculties are the experts on their respective fields to teach the students with the industry practices.

•  Student mentoring to solve technical doubts of each student.

•  High equipped laboratory facility with each student a Computer.

•  Hand-outs on theory as well as laboratory classes.

•  Awarding certificate after successful completion of the courses.

•  Career assistance through the University's Career Development Center .

•  High Speed Internet connection for the easy access to the Microsoft eLearning materials.

•  Most of all, sit for you online Certification exams at the Prometric Testing Center @ Daffodil International University.*

•  Reduced online examinations fees.



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