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The department of Computing and Information System (CIS)  since its inception has been continuously fostering academic excellence through industry academy collaboration especially integrating industry demands of ICT skills in the core curriculum of the CIS program.

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Life at Daffodil is very much eventful. Through a lot of meaningful and impactful events students get the opportunity to develop their skills and portfolio beyond the curriculam

21 Aug 2021

Engaging industry with project based learning

Engaging industry with project based learning

25 Jul 2020

Art of Living

It has been perceived from different evaluation that intellectual ability needs to be exercised in an effective way through scheduled practice and performance. Success comes not just from the knowledge and skills but also from behavior which can create distance between success and failure. And we can achieve expected behavior only by learning and unlearning ways of thinking that finally craft body language and ensure effective living in this beautiful world.

17 Jan 2023

This is our Formal Event

To ensure learners’ engagement in corporate workflows from concept, design, prototyping, fabrication and marketing, DIU has set up a Multi-Disciplinary Fabrication Laboratory in 2020 to provide a clear idea of product creation through the application of "learning-by-doing" and "hands-on" activities. Moreover, the DIU FabLab aims to develop and implement a set of training programs with some modules, based on the latest modern technologies.

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Our Alumni Our Pride

Our Alumni are our pride as they are engaged in building the world through national and International contributions