Computing and Information System

Departmental FAQ

At first, you have to collect your account
clearance by paying the registration fees in
Account Section and then you have to come to CIS
department office along with your filled up
Student Insurance Form (given during the
Admission). Then you have to submit your
account clearance form and insurance form in
CIS department office to complete your
registration. After registration, you have to
check the student portal
( to be sure
about your registration. 

At first, you have to collect your account
clearance from the Account Section by paying
fees of registration and then you have to submit
it (Keep a photocopy) to your batch coordinator.
He/she will complete your course registration as
per the rule. After the completion, you have to
check the student portal to be sure about the
course registration.

After the registration, you may be able to
Change/Add/Drop your subject within 7 days
after the last date of the registration. To
Change/Add/Drop your subject, you must meet
your batch coordinator. He/she will help to
complete the work.

In case specific reasons, if you could not pay
your registration fees and did not complete the
registration, then you must drop the semester in
the student portal and inform your mentor about
semester drop.

Students can do registration with previous
syllabus with an application to the Head of the
CIS department.

In case after the registration, you need to drop
the semester, you have to write an application for
approval and submit it to the CIS department
office. The signed application must be submitted
to the Dean Office within 2 weeks of the last date
of registration. After the approval of the Dean,
You need to submit it to the Registrar Office for
final approval. One week later you need to check
the student portal and contact the department
office to be sure about the semester drop.

The late registration process is given on the notice
board. Please follow the instructions and contact
the CIS department office for further help.

Please follow the instructions of re-admission
given in the notice board and contact the CIS
Department office.

Students may apply to the Dean through the Head of
the CIS department.

Please submit your written application to the
Registrar, DIU through Dean and Head of the
CIS Department for time extension

CIS Office will publish the courses offered on
the notice board. Follow the notice board. (online /
department notice board)

Students can do that but have to write an
application to the head of the CIS Department. If
Dean approves then it is allowed.

Department of Computing and Information
The system does not offer duel-major. 

To get your exam clearance, you ought to pay
your exam fees in Account Section following the
schedule date and the Account Section will
generate your exam clearance. You need to
preserve the clearance for the exam.

The student has to pay 60% of the course fee to
attend the final improvement exam

There are no improvement facilities for the
midterm exam.

Contact your Project/Thesis committee & they
will assign your supervisor for the internship &

Please click the following Link:

You ought to pay your transcript fees in
Account Section & apply for the transcript from
your “Student Portal” and go to the exam office
and collect your transcript when your transcript
is ready.

You can attend the improvement exam without
fee in case of overlapping of exam.

Minimum 60% Classes you have to attend.

The minimum CGPA is 2.50 to get the

Students who got less than “Grade B”
(less than GPA 3.00) may apply

Clear your previous dues and contact with
Registrar Office/Exam Office for removal of
block result

Pay 50 taka at DIU accounts section. Take
accounts clearance and submit to the Registrar
Office after applying the student application
from the “Student Portal”.

You must complete all theoretical subjects to
start internship.Maintain at least CGPA 2.5
Take internship form from Department office
Fill up the form which will be signed by
respective supervisor.
Pay fees and take Accounts clearance
Submit to the department office

When you will complete all required credits for
the degree but not to attend at convocation then
you will be allowed for provisional certificate.

Collect the form from the DIU exam office and fill-up
the form and submit it to the exam section.

For getting a recommendation letter to have to pay 50
taka to the Accounts section. Then submit an
application to the department office. Describe briefly
on application

For getting a concern letter you have to deposit
TK. 50 to the Accounts section. Then bring the
money receipt to the department office write your
father’s and mother’s name backside of the
money receipt.

You can get your email ID and password from the
CIS department or IT office.

elect the “Forget password” option and mention
your varsity email into the forget password option
then check your varsity email. There will be an re

You can find your class routine in the notice board
and, also in the online notice board.

At first, you have to go to the Police Station to do a
General Dairy (GD). After getting the GD paper,
you have to submit it to the CIS department. The
CIS department will give you the further

You can get your scholarship/waiver information
in the Registrar's Office.

Students will be notified of the date of payment by
online notice board and also by mail.

The students have to pay the fee in three
installments. 1st installment must be paid before
registration and 2nd installment must be paid before
mid-term and the rest of the amount must be paid
before the final exam. 

Come to the CIS department office and contact
with the coordination officer for booking classrooms.

You come to the CIS department office and contact
with the coordination officer.

Keep updated yourself on International Affairs
notice board and DIU e-mail. Keep in touch with
DIU International Affairs.

You need to pay =20/- to Account section and
contact the CIS department office for specific
Department office will create a support ticket to IT
section to solve the problem.

Collect a form from Admission Office. Fill up and
collect signs from Dean and Department Head.
Clear all dues and submit to Registrar's Office

Contact the CIS department office

Contact the CIS department office. 

You have to complete at least 4 semesters & have
to enroll for 5 semesters or 47 credits successfully
with SGPA 2.5 and payment should be clear up to
the last semester.

Please contact International Affairs Office at AB-4
Ground Floor. 

visit DIU website for Officer:
For teachers:

Log in to student portal and update the profile.
After that fill the evaluation form and submit it.

Log in to the student portal and click the “payment” option
for student payment ledger and payment scheme.

You can meet with your teacher during counseling

Meet with Mr. Zonador Rahman, Administrative Officer. Mobile: 01847334799

First, download the classroom apps from the google play store
Install the app to your mobile
Log in by providing your email and password.