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The department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM) aims to produce high-quality graduates aspiring to become environmental scientists and make positive impacts to save the world and its population from natural disasters.

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Life at Daffodil is very much eventful. Through a lot of meaningful and impactful events students get the opportunity to develop their skills and portfolio beyond the curriculam

22 Feb 2018

Field Excursion to St. Martin’s Island 2018

Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM) recently conducted a research field trip at the Saint Martin’s, Cox’s Bazar from 22nd to 26th February, 2018. In total 44 students including 12 ESDM foreign students, and all faculty members were attended this filed visit. The Saint Marin’s is one of the most ecological hotspot and tourist destination of Bangladesh. However commercial tourism and lack of proper waste management is still a serious issue for sustainable development of St. Martin’s Island. The field trip entitled “Coral Reef Ecosystem: Status, Issues and Challenges for Conservation and Sustainable Development” was conducted to obtain practical understating of coral ecosystem, degradation status, waste management and how sustainable tourism could be achieved. In addition two separate research works were carried out during this trip. The primary data on tourism status and solid waste management strategies was collected using questionnaire survey, observation, and focus group discussion. Manuscript under preparation and findings of the research results will be published soon. Moreover, the students of ESDM also conducted a beach cleanup campaign “Saint Martin’s Island Clean-Up” to improve social awareness and grab tourist’s attention regarding proper waste management during their vacation at St. Martin's.

17 Feb 2017

Field Visit to Sylhet, 2017

The students of the Dept. of Environmental Science and Disaster Management, DIU, recently visited Sylhet Division. The program was titled ‘Field Visit on Physiography and Geo-Environmental Changes In the Sylhet Region’ and took place from 17th to 20th February. It was supervised by Dr. ABM Kamal Pasha, Head of Department, along with other faculty members and catered to 40 students in all, 6 of them foreign. Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisanakandi, Jaflong and Lalakhal were the locations set prior to the field visit. The students observed the natural beauties along with the changes brought by human interaction in those places by gathering various data and samples from there. Other than that, the students under the guidance of their teachers took part in a Proper Waste Disposal Methods campaign.

24 Feb 2017

15th Foundation Day, DIU, 2017

As many times before, the students of ESDM Department participated in the project fair and arranged their project stall on the 15th foundation day of DIU. Their project, ‘Transport Network Model’, was declared one of the winners, showing the possibilities to eradicate traffic jams from the city through their plan.

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