Environmental Science and Disaster Management

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Field Visit to Sylhet, 2017


Environmental Science and Disaster Management
Event Date: 2017-02-17
Event Time: 6:00 am

The students of the Dept. of Environmental Science and Disaster Management, DIU, recently visited Sylhet Division. The program was titled ‘Field Visit on Physiography and Geo-Environmental Changes In the Sylhet Region’ and took place from 17th to 20th February. It was supervised by Dr. ABM Kamal Pasha, Head of Department, along with other faculty members and catered to 40 students in all, 6 of them foreign. Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisanakandi, Jaflong and Lalakhal were the locations set prior to the field visit. The students observed the natural beauties along with the changes brought by human interaction in those places by gathering various data and samples from there. Other than that, the students under the guidance of their teachers took part in a Proper Waste Disposal Methods campaign.