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The Department of Information Technology and Management (ITM) provides you a unique opportunity to have BSc. in Information Technology and Management. In the field of Information Technology and Management, the job possibilities are almost endless. "The major goal of the discipline, which is now unique in our nation, is to integrate information technology with business intelligence. We also intend to secure financial systems on cloud...

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Life at Daffodil is very much eventful. Through a lot of meaningful and impactful events students get the opportunity to develop their skills and portfolio beyond the curriculam

30 Mar 2024

Semester Exchange Program at Universiti Sains Malaysia

🎉🌟 Let's give a huge round of applause to Mahmudul Hasan Sumon! 🌟🎉
We are absolutely elated to announce the incredible achievement of Mahmudul Hasan Sumon, a talented student from the Department of Information Technology & Management at Daffodil International University! 🎓✨
Mahmudul has been selected to participate in a semester exchange program at Universiti Sains Malaysia, showcasing his dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills in ITM. 💻📚
Mahmudul, your DIU family is bursting with pride at your remarkable accomplishment! 🎉👏 Your journey serves as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the incredible possibilities that await with passion and perseverance. 🚀
As you embark on this exciting adventure, know that we are behind you every step of the way. 🌍💫 May your time at USM be filled with enriching experiences, valuable learning opportunities, and unforgettable memories.
Congratulations, Mahmudul Hasan Sumon! 🎉👏 Your DIU family celebrates your success and wishes you all the best on this incredible journey! 🌟🎓 #DIU #ITM #SemesterExchangeProgram #USM 🇧🇩🌏🇲🇾

29 Mar 2024

DIU Mini Marathon 2024

🎉🏃‍♂️ Congratulations to @Efatekar Alam Akash from the ITM Department for his remarkable performance in the 'DIU Mini Marathon 2024'! 🏅He secured the 20th position, showcasing incredible determination and athleticism.
We are immensely proud of his achievement and dedication towards fitness and sports.Way to go, Efatekar Alam Akash! Keep inspiring us all with your passion and perseverance

26 Mar 2024

Daffodil Placement Ceremony 2024

🛫🌟Today, at Daffodil International University we celebrate Daffodil Placement Ceremony 2024, where we celebrate one of our graduates Amir's achievement, along with the dedication and hard work of all other graduates who've secured jobs straight out of university.
Congratulations, Amir, and best of luck to all our bright stars as they soar towards their futures!

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Notice of Shab - E - Qadr 2024

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Apr 06, 2024

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Our Alumni are our pride as they are engaged in building the world through national and International contributions