Information Technology & Management

Message from Head


Welcome to the Department of Information Technology and Management (ITM) at Daffodil International University. In the Era of Industry 4.0, Daffodil International University provides you a unique opportunity to have BSc. in Information Technology and Management. In the field of Information Technology and Management, the job possibilities are almost endless. IT management graduates are in high demand and this field tops the list in the fastest growing jobs in the nation.

What organizations tell to us, they really need people with skills that are rather unique that combines outcomes in both management and IT. The ITM program is kind of best of both disciplines, you will learn the core IT concepts along with management concepts and this hybridized knowledge and skills set will build a bridge between industry and academia.

So I like to invite you to visit our department, talk with the academic and admission staff if you have any queries. We also welcome applications from international students.

We look forward to seeing you at Department of Information Technology and Management in Daffodil International University.


Ms. Nusrat Jahan
Department of Information Technology & Management