Journalism, Media and Communication


- Ample opportunities of work in all the media: the print, the electronic and the online
- Practical, demand-driven and career oriented courses on TV and Radio Journalism, Video, Photography and Film production, Digital and Social Media, Advertising, News Reporting and Editing, Feature and Editorial Writing, Public Relations, Development Communication.   
Our ICT infrastructure includes high-speed campus facilities with intranet, broadband Internet, Wi-Fi access, free laptops, JMC Practicum Lab, JMC Media Lab, Campus radio, Campus TV etc.

JMC Practicum Lab:

  1. Video Editing
  2. Sound Correction
  3. Graphics Design
  4. Photo Manipulation
  5. Animation
  6. Special Effects
  7. Colour Correction
Beside the lab facilities the department provides the internet facilities in Lab rooms for adequate research materials and assignment.


Fully equipped Campus TV, Campus Radio:
Campus Television is an online Educational Contributory Media
Students can join Campus Television as a Producer, Director, Model, Anchor, Presenter, Debater, Actor/Actress, Editor, Volunteer, and Script Writer and establish your career as a Star of the Country in different marketing professions focusing on your hidden innovations and creativeness in the following categories: a. Traditional Marketing
b. Electronic Marketing
c. Social Media Marketing
d. Digital Marketing
You are to do:

  • Frame your innovations and thoughts by creating a 5-minute video.
  • The theme of the video would be: “Academic Social Responsibility”
  • Present your creations to the world through and all available media network.

From each Clip of your innovation, you can win cash reward up to 100,000 BDT/= as a token of appreciation from Daffodil International University.

After your registration, you will be groomed by DIU Media Lab and Campus Television support team for the following actions:
• Short-Film
• Drama
• Advertisement
• Script-writing
• And more

You are also welcome to build your career @ Campus Television in the following positions:
• Full-time
• Part-time
• Volunteer

Campus Radio:


Internship Placement:
- Department of JMC provides internship placement and professional training in the media, corporate houses and development organizations; Part-time job facilities at media.

Class Room Facilities:
The department provides the internet facilities in Class rooms, Wi-Fi facilities for students.