Journalism, Media and Communication

Mission Statement

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Media, both the print and electronic is a pre-requisite to human life and social order. Social systems can only form and endure when the participating people are linked to each other by media in the modern times. The history of mankind is replete with instances that democratization of societies and growth of nationalism in different countries were largely now contingent upon the proliferation of democratic moods of media, free expression, and responsible journalism. Besides, as a watchtower, media are not merely the carrier of messages in the contemporary world, but they mold public opinions and, if properly used can even bring out the hidden human qualities. Forward-looking Journalism and committed media also can transform our country Bangladesh along with many other developing countries from poverty and ensure their economic growth with well-balanced opportunities. Media and its professionals also play a significant role in giving democracy, people's rights and a firm footing ensuring transparency and accountability in all spheres of public affairs which is the key demand of contemporary society. Journalism and Mass Communication, being so powerful in the setting direction for the society, understandably draws the attention of many who have craving for power. Therefore, the importance of Journalism and Mass Communication studies in the social dynamics of Bangladesh gets remarkable support from different segments of civil society and mass people. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Daffodil International University works for fulfilling the mission by providing knowledge and skills to its students in taking the challenges of next.