Physical Education & Sports Science

Physical Education & Sports Science

B.Sc. (Hon's) in Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS)


Education is the means of holistic development of an individual’s personality. According to Plato, “Education helps in the body and soul of the pupil all the beauty and all the perfection that they are capable of.” To ensure the completeness, effectiveness, and meaningfulness of education, it is imperative to acknowledge the value of physical education. Physical Education serves as a medium of education aimed at the holistic development of individuals—physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially—ultimately contributing to the cultivation of well-rounded citizens. Therefore, physical education is an integral component of the overall educational process. In response to this necessity, Daffodil International University (DIU) launched a Bachelor of honor’s program in Physical Education and Sports Science in 2022.  

Strength of PESS Department
PESS is a unique department in Bangladesh. The strength of Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) lies in its ability to promote overall well-being: both physically and mentally for individuals, and is offering a distinct and prosperous career for the students of PESS. In the era of Industry 4.0, the value of the department is undefinable. Day by day, people’s physical activity is dramatically weakening due to technological advancement. For this reason, people lead inactive lives, leading to different types of health issues such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and malnutrition, etc. For revolutionary changes in the IT sector, the PESS department is the key and well-timed subject, not only for job opportunities but also for maintaining good health. The knowledge of Physical Education helps you prevent diseases and leads to a healthy life. Here, you gather knowledge about Health and Disease Control, Physical Fitness, the Science of Sports Training, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Health and Sports-related research in this discipline. Additionally, through engaging in various sports and physical activities, students could develop not only their motor skills and fitness but also essential soft skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, which make an individual more fit for conventional career achievement compared to the students of other discipline. These offer career opportunities to students in Bangladesh in a discipline listed below: 


Career Opportunities:

  1. Under the Ministry of Education:
  2. Assistant Teacher (Secondary School, Higher Secondary School, and Madrasah)
  3. Assistant Teacher (Physical Education)-Govt. Secondary School
  4. Assistant Teacher (Physical Education)-Secondary School
  5. Assistant Teacher (Physical Education)-Higher Secondary School
  6. Assistant Teacher (Physical Education)-Madrasah
  7. Sports Teacher: Government Primary School (Approval Stage)


  1. Under the Ministry of Youth and Sports:
  2. Lecturer (Physical Education): Govt. Physical College and Private Physical College
  3. District Sports Officer: 64 District, for conducting the National School and Madrasah Sports Tournament
  • Upozilla Sports Officer: Approval Stage
  1. All Public and Private Universities:
  2. Lecturer (Physical Education and Sports Science Department)
  3. Assistant Director of Sports (Physical Education Department)
  • Physical Instructor (Physical Education Department)
  1. Physical Trainer:
  2. Assistant Director of Sports-Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC)
  3. PTI Instructor of Sports (Govt. Polytechnique Institute)
  • Training Institutes (Different Ministry and Training Institutes)
  1. Media Career:
  2. Sports Journalist
  3. Sports Commentator


  1. Sports Career:
  • Coaching career
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports Physiologist
  • Physiotherapist
  1. Higher Education: MSS, MS, MPhil, and PHD from a foreign country are available.
  2. Extra Facility:

The students will also be capable of applying for all government and semi government jobs, all public and private banks, and other private jobs. They will get equal opportunities like general students.

Why are general students admitted here?

In our progressive Bangladesh, one of the primary objectives of education is to create a skilled workforce. But at present, the number of unemployed individuals in Bangladesh is dramatically increasing. It’s beyond governmental control because of the disparity between the production rate of the graduates and the number of job opportunities without any pre-plan. Considering this aspect, a significant portion of job opportunities are emerging in the fields of Physical Education and Sports Science. The subject offers career opportunities to its students in Bangladesh in the disciplines of teaching, sports management, physical trainers of different ministries and training institutes, scholars (Higher Education Abroad) and many more. 

  • General and meritorious students find it easier to comprehend both the theoretical and practical courses in a physical education program. Adaptation to practical classes is facilitated by the presence of highly qualified teachers, physical instructors, and coaches.
  • Studying Physical Education and Sports Science equips individuals with knowledge about exercise physiology, nutrition, and fitness programming, enabling them to make informed choices about their health.
  • The field offers a wide range of career opportunities beyond professional athletics. Graduates can work as fitness trainers, physical therapists, sports psychologists, sports coaches, nutritionists, and educators.
  • Pursuing a career is facilitated by the extensive research areas available, such as Physical Education, Health Education, Sports Psychology, Sports Training, Exercise Physiology, and Preventive Medicine, all of which contribute to enhancing players' capabilities.
  • For those aiming for higher studies abroad, managing a scholarship is made easier.
  • Engaging in physical activities fosters personal growth by promoting discipline, teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills. Non-athletes may pursue studies in this field to enhance their personal development and expand their horizons beyond academic or professional pursuits.

So, it ensures that PESS is a highly valuable subject for your career prosperity and ensuring job opportunities.

Vision of the Program Offering Entity: 

Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) at Daffodil International University work towards achieving higher awareness of human values inherent in sport, physical activities and physical education countrywide as well as worldwide. We contribute to the quality of sport, physical education, and physical activity for sustainable social development and peace by bridging gaps and fostering tolerance.

Mission of the Program Offering Entity: 

M1  Contributing to the quality of instruction and scientific expertise in the field of Physical Education and Sports Science. 
M2  Developing the management and marketing process of sports and leadership qualities among the Supervisors.
 M3  Developing job opportunities in the field of Physical Education and Sports Science as Experts or Coaches in different educational sports institutes.
M4  Creating Research opportunities in various areas like Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Anthropometry and Sports, Sports Psychology, Sports Sociology etc. 


Objectives of the Program Offering Entity:

To ensure a quality and effective education system, we will adopt the following strategic goals: 

  1. To become competent and committed physical education professionals willing to perform.
  2. To use competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective teacher (especially in Physical Education).
  3. To be sensitive about emerging issues such as health and fitness, wellness, technology, and the environment.
  4. To inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students.
  5. To develop critical awareness about social realities among the students.
  6. To use managerial and organizational skills.

Structure of the Curriculum 

Duration of the program:          Year: 4             Semester: 8    


Admission Requirements:

Applicants having a minimum 2.5 GPA both in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) 12 class passed or any equivalent background from any group may apply for admission.

English Medium Student:

Students completing five O-level subjects and at least two A-level subjects may apply. Out of these 7 subjects, applicants must have a minimum of a “B" or “C" grade.

Candidates who have a grade point of less than 3.00 ("B") in English at the HSC level have to enroll in an English Remedial Course during admission at Daffodil Institute of Language (DIL). Beside these strategies, we continually upgrade this entry-level exam to ensure meritorious students get the opportunity to be nourished by their merit in the Department of PSSS.


Total minimum credit requirement to complete the program: 

  • The Total Number of Courses for awarding a B.Sc. degree in Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) are 58 and the total credits are 144.
  • Total Class Weeks in a Year: 28 Weeks in a Year / 14 Weeks in a Semester (Excluding other activities and assessment
  • Minimum CGPA requirements for graduation: CGPA 2.00
  • Maximum Academic Year of Completion: Within 04-06 academic years.
  • Category of Courses:
Sl. Type of course Number of courses Credit/ course Total credit
I Core Course (Theoretical) - 19 03 57
II Core Course (Practical) 31 02/03 59
III GED courses recommended by theDepartment (being suggested by the UGC). 06 03 18


IV UGC Mandatory Courses 02 03 06
V Project Work 01 03 04
  Total     144


Year/ Level/ Semester/ Term wise courses:

Spring Semester    : (January - June),                 Fall Semester: (July - December)


Semester-wise number of course allocation:

First Year: First Semester (Spring Semester: January - June)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses     
1014-101 Foundation of  Physical Education    3.00
1014-102 Fundamental of  Sociology & Sports Sociology     3.00
0531-101 General Science     3.00
0231-111 English I   3.00
    Sub Total 12.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-115 Weight Training   2.00
1014-116 Handball   2.00
1014-117 Kabaddi    2.00
    Sub Total 6.00 
    Total 18.00 


First Year: Second Semester (Fall Semester: July - December)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-121 History of Physical Education   3.00
1014-122 Human Anatomy   3.00
0232-111 Bengali Language and Literature   3.00
    Sub Total 9.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-125 Volleyball   2.00
1014-126 Table Tennis   2.00
1014-127 Tennis    2.00 
    Sub Total 6.00
1014-129 Oral Assessment I (External &Internal)   2.00 
    Total 17.00 


Second Year: First Semester (Spring Semester: January - June)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
0222-111 History of the Emergence of Bangladesh   3.00
1014-212 Sports Psychology    3.00
1014-213 Adapted Physical Education    3.00
    Sub Total 9.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-216 Football   3.00 
1014-217 Athletics   3.00 
1014-218 Badminton   2.00 
    Sub Total 8.00
    Total 17.00 


Second Year: Second Semester (Fall Semester: July - December)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-221 Human Physiology    3.00
1014-222 Kinesiology    3.00
1014-223 Sports Management    3.00
    Sub Total 9.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-225 First Aid & Injury Management   3.00 
1014-227 Self Defense   2.00
1014-228 Hockey   2.00
    Sub Total 7.00
1014-229 Oral Assessment II (External and Internal)   2.00 
    Total 18.00 


Third Year: First Semester (Spring Semester: January- June)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-312 Kinanthropometry      3.00
1014-313 Sports Journalism    3.00
0611-111 Computer Fundamentals    3.00
1014-314    Biomechanics of Sports   3.00
    Sub Total 12.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-316 Cricket   3.00 
1014-317  Basketball   2.00
1014-318 Aquatic   3.00 
    Sub Total 8.00 
    Total 20.00 


Third Year: Second Semester (Fall Semester: July - December)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-321 Sports Pedagogy   3.00
0542-121 Research Methodology & statistics   3.00
1014-323 Test, Measurement, & Evaluation in Exercise Science   3.00
    Sub Total 9.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-318 Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness with Calisthenics   3.00 
1014-328 Specialization Paper   3.00
1014-338 Yoga    2.00 
    Sub Total 8.00 
1014-339 Oral Assessment III (External and Internal)   2.00
    Total 19.00 


Fourth Year: First Semester (Spring Semester: January - June)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-411 Advanced Sports and Exercise Psychology    3.00
1014-413 Science of Sports Training    3.00
1014-414 Sports Nutrition   3.00
    Sub Total 9.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-417 Training Sports Performance of Specialization   3.00 
1014-226 Gymnastics   3.00 
1014-418 Golf   2.00
    Sub Total 8.00
    Total 17.00 


Fourth Year: Second Semester (Fall Semester: July - December)

Course Code Course Name   Credit
  Theoretical Courses    
1014-421 Corrective Physical Education & Rehabilitation   3.00
1014-422 Sports Marketing   3.00
1014-423 Advanced Sports Coaching (students’ Sport/Game of Specialization)   3.00
1014-426 Professional Preparation Internship/Project / Thesis Work   4.00
    Sub Total 13.00
  Practical Courses    
1014-425 Institutional/Professional Training & Field Work   3.00
    Sub Total 3.00
1014-427 Oral Assessment IV (External and Internal)  
    Total 18.00 


Credit Distribution in Different Years

Year Semester Credit Hours Total
1st 1st 18 35
2nd 17
2nd  1st 17 35
2nd 18
3rd  1st 20 39
2nd 19
4th  1st 17 35
2nd 18
                                                  Total 144 144